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Earthquakes IR Seyyed Aḩmad

Informations about Seyyed Aḩmad

RegionHormozgan (11)
CoordinatesLatitude : 27.23658
Longitude : 54.83044
Time zoneAsia/Tehran (GMT +4h)

Alternative names for Seyyed Aḩmad

  • سید احمد
  • Persian : Seyyed Aḩmad
  • Persian : سید احمد

Last earthquakes near Seyyed Aḩmad


10 last earthquakes around Seyyed Aḩmad

4,2IR Earthquake Seyyed Aḩmad
(4.23km away [2.63 miles]) (11/2/2014 11:55:17 AM UTC -)
4,9IR Earthquake Seyyed Aḩmad
(7.73km away [4.81 miles]) (12/13/1994 5:33:23 PM UTC -)
4IR Earthquake Mazra‘eh-ye Lāmū’ī
(97.31km away [60.47 miles]) (6/24/2020 5:29:36 PM UTC -)
4,3IR Earthquake Berīz
(88.96km away [55.28 miles]) (4/26/2020 4:12:53 PM UTC -)
5,3IR Earthquake Gevīn
(54.31km away [33.75 miles]) (3/15/2020 10:04:25 PM UTC -)
4,1IR Earthquake Kānī
(99.34km away [61.73 miles]) (3/4/2020 3:36:18 PM UTC -)
4,2IR Earthquake Yeylāq-e Berkeh Lārī
(15.22km away [9.46 miles]) (3/3/2020 11:31:26 AM UTC -)
4,4IR Earthquake Tabī
(92.14km away [57.25 miles]) (2/25/2020 11:42:08 AM UTC -)
4IR Earthquake Tang-e Tahū
(11.02km away [6.85 miles]) (2/17/2020 12:29:20 AM UTC -)
5,5IR Earthquake Mogh Şāleḩ
(91.59km away [56.91 miles]) (2/16/2020 12:30:47 PM UTC -)

Cities near Seyyed Aḩmad

IR Khalīlābād4.51km away (2.80 miles)
IR Āzādī4.83km away (3.00 miles)
IR Deh Tall5.32km away (3.31 miles)
IR Konjī7.34km away (4.56 miles)
IR Bāmestān7.46km away (4.64 miles)
IR Chāh Dozdān8.74km away (5.43 miles)
IR Dast Kherd8.74km away (5.43 miles)
IR Tang-e Tahū10.70km away (6.65 miles)
IR Berkeh-ye Seyyedī11.18km away (6.95 miles)
IR Berkeh Lārī11.64km away (7.23 miles)
IR Dastjerd11.84km away (7.35 miles)
IR Lardeh Bastū13.11km away (8.14 miles)
IR Yeylāq-e Berkeh Lārī13.63km away (8.47 miles)
IR Todrūyeh14.05km away (8.73 miles)
IR Īlūd15.53km away (9.65 miles)
IR Kūh Badū16.40km away (10.19 miles)
IR Gashān17.30km away (10.75 miles)
IR Chāh Sūrmeh17.52km away (10.89 miles)
IR Gīl17.79km away (11.06 miles)
IR Gāberī17.85km away (11.09 miles)

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