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Earthquakes US Serrano Heights

Informations about Serrano Heights

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/065)
CoordinatesLatitude : 33.95807
Longitude : -117.20782
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Serrano Heights


10 last earthquakes around Serrano Heights

0,98US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(1.59km away [0.99 miles]) (9/29/2019 9:18:36 PM UTC -)
1,68US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(1.84km away [1.14 miles]) (9/27/2019 10:02:44 AM UTC -)
1,66US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(1.91km away [1.19 miles]) (9/21/2019 4:34:55 PM UTC -)
1,16US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(3.30km away [2.05 miles]) (8/22/2019 9:57:20 AM UTC -)
1,17US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(3.06km away [1.90 miles]) (8/22/2019 6:33:10 AM UTC -)
0,82US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(3.30km away [2.05 miles]) (8/21/2019 9:58:58 PM UTC -)
1,2US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(2.93km away [1.82 miles]) (8/21/2019 9:53:30 PM UTC -)
0,93US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(3.64km away [2.26 miles]) (8/21/2019 9:40:23 PM UTC -)
1,51US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(3.00km away [1.86 miles]) (8/21/2019 12:18:26 PM UTC -)
0,73US Earthquake Serrano Heights
(2.98km away [1.85 miles]) (8/21/2019 12:04:54 PM UTC -)

Cities near Serrano Heights

US Moreno Valley3.11km away (1.93 miles)204 198 inhabitants
US Sunnymead3.87km away (2.41 miles)
US Moonlight Rim4.54km away (2.82 miles)
US Ordway6.32km away (3.93 miles)
US Moreno6.46km away (4.01 miles)
US Edgemont7.78km away (4.83 miles)
US March Field7.80km away (4.84 miles)
US Box Springs8.28km away (5.14 miles)
US Smiley Heights8.30km away (5.16 miles)
US El Casco8.65km away (5.37 miles)
US West March8.88km away (5.52 miles)
US March Air Force Base8.95km away (5.56 miles)1 159 inhabitants
US Redlands Heights9.58km away (5.95 miles)
US Arnold Heights9.73km away (6.04 miles)
US Moreno Knolls9.75km away (6.06 miles)
US Alessandro9.87km away (6.13 miles)
US Belvedere Heights9.93km away (6.17 miles)
US Plymouth Village10.09km away (6.27 miles)
US Bryn Mawr10.27km away (6.38 miles)
US Redlands11.10km away (6.90 miles)71 035 inhabitants

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