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Earthquakes ID Sejorong

Informations about Sejorong

CoordinatesLatitude : -9.03333
Longitude : 116.8
Time zoneAsia/Makassar (GMT +8h)

Alternative names for Sejorong

  • Sedjorong

Last earthquakes near Sejorong


10 last earthquakes around Sejorong

4,7ID Earthquake Sejorong
(290.30km away [180.39 miles]) (1/15/2020 8:35:51 AM UTC -)
4,9ID Earthquake Sejorong
(285.15km away [177.18 miles]) (4/19/2019 12:29:18 PM UTC -)
4,2ID Earthquake Sejorong
(274.76km away [170.73 miles]) (9/23/2018 2:45:31 AM UTC -)
4,9ID Earthquake Sejorong
(154.75km away [96.16 miles]) (7/24/2018 2:50:40 PM UTC -)
4,4ID Earthquake Sejorong
(296.16km away [184.03 miles]) (3/1/2018 5:45:03 PM UTC -)
4,1ID Earthquake Sejorong
(38.64km away [24.01 miles]) (8/12/2017 10:17:21 AM UTC -)
4,3ID Earthquake Sejorong
(242.34km away [150.59 miles]) (2/3/2017 8:26:18 PM UTC -)
4,7ID Earthquake Sejorong
(276.41km away [171.75 miles]) (7/18/2016 5:55:37 PM UTC -)
4ID Earthquake Sejorong
(292.25km away [181.60 miles]) (7/3/2016 11:56:05 AM UTC -)
4,3ID Earthquake Sejorong
(279.98km away [173.97 miles]) (7/3/2016 11:44:28 AM UTC -)

Cities near Sejorong

ID Sekongkang8.28km away (5.14 miles)
ID Sekongkang Atas8.42km away (5.23 miles)
ID Sekongkang Bawah9.36km away (5.81 miles)
ID Brang Liangpelame9.51km away (5.91 miles)
ID Galingembong13.65km away (8.48 miles)
ID Maluk14.44km away (8.97 miles)
ID Brang Nermolong15.23km away (9.46 miles)
ID Tatar15.68km away (9.74 miles)
ID Singa15.75km away (9.79 miles)
ID Peloma16.42km away (10.20 miles)
ID Polamata17.09km away (10.62 miles)
ID Mekar19.26km away (11.97 miles)
ID Jelenga19.38km away (12.04 miles)
ID Liang19.55km away (12.15 miles)
ID Beru19.63km away (12.20 miles)
ID Beru19.63km away (12.20 miles)
ID Jereweh19.70km away (12.24 miles)
ID Besisora19.76km away (12.28 miles)
ID Goa20.73km away (12.88 miles)
ID Tatar22.06km away (13.71 miles)

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