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Earthquakes US Searles Valley

Informations about Searles Valley

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/071)
CoordinatesLatitude : 35.76745
Longitude : -117.40395
Population1 739 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Searles Valley


10 last earthquakes around Searles Valley

1US Earthquake Searles Valley
(8.90km away [5.53 miles]) (10/8/2019 7:36:35 PM UTC -)
0,89US Earthquake Searles Valley
(1.74km away [1.08 miles]) (9/2/2019 6:15:41 AM UTC -)
1,02US Earthquake Searles Valley
(7.12km away [4.42 miles]) (9/1/2019 6:10:47 AM UTC -)
0,87US Earthquake Searles Valley
(8.32km away [5.17 miles]) (8/25/2019 3:44:10 PM UTC -)
1,93US Earthquake Searles Valley
(8.91km away [5.54 miles]) (8/17/2019 12:53:18 AM UTC -)
1,48US Earthquake Searles Valley
(7.33km away [4.56 miles]) (7/31/2019 4:26:13 PM UTC -)
1,05US Earthquake Searles Valley
(12.37km away [7.68 miles]) (7/31/2019 12:52:29 AM UTC -)
1,18US Earthquake Searles Valley
(9.79km away [6.09 miles]) (7/28/2019 5:52:05 PM UTC -)
1,11US Earthquake Searles Valley
(8.92km away [5.54 miles]) (7/28/2019 6:36:01 AM UTC -)
0,96US Earthquake Searles Valley
(8.58km away [5.33 miles]) (7/27/2019 1:53:45 PM UTC -)

Cities near Searles Valley

US Argus2.39km away (1.48 miles)
US Trona2.86km away (1.78 miles)
US Borosolvay3.62km away (2.25 miles)
US Pioneer Point4.19km away (2.61 miles)
US South Trona5.81km away (3.61 miles)
US Westend6.82km away (4.24 miles)
US Valley Wells9.40km away (5.84 miles)
US Homewood Canyon-Valley Wells10.75km away (6.68 miles)
US Skytop11.31km away (7.03 miles)
US Spangler24.71km away (15.35 miles)
US China Lake26.67km away (16.57 miles)
US Reilly (historical)26.84km away (16.68 miles)
US Ridgecrest29.03km away (18.04 miles)28 780 inhabitants
US Millspaugh (historical)31.42km away (19.52 miles)
US Millspaugh31.44km away (19.53 miles)
US Ballarat35.19km away (21.87 miles)
US China Lake Acres35.48km away (22.04 miles)1 876 inhabitants
US Junction Ranch35.49km away (22.05 miles)
US Searles37.88km away (23.54 miles)
US Leliter (historical)39.05km away (24.26 miles)

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