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Earthquakes NZ Scargill

Informations about Scargill

CountryNew Zealand
RegionCanterbury (E9/058)
CoordinatesLatitude : -42.93333
Longitude : 172.95
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Scargill


10 last earthquakes around Scargill

2,76NZ Earthquake Scargill
(1.66km away [1.03 miles]) (9/30/2019 7:28:06 AM UTC -)
1,81NZ Earthquake Scargill
(9.04km away [5.61 miles]) (9/2/2019 7:07:07 PM UTC -)
2,19NZ Earthquake Scargill
(6.50km away [4.04 miles]) (8/28/2019 2:09:59 AM UTC -)
2,11NZ Earthquake Scargill
(2.13km away [1.32 miles]) (7/14/2019 1:58:40 PM UTC -)
2,12NZ Earthquake Scargill
(2.41km away [1.49 miles]) (3/26/2018 1:58:43 AM UTC -)
2,85NZ Earthquake Scargill
(1.74km away [1.08 miles]) (2/17/2018 7:10:20 AM UTC -)
2,44NZ Earthquake Scargill
(10.05km away [6.25 miles]) (1/10/2018 6:07:06 AM UTC -)
2,15NZ Earthquake Scargill
(4.76km away [2.96 miles]) (11/28/2017 11:07:25 AM UTC -)
2,01NZ Earthquake Scargill
(7.19km away [4.47 miles]) (11/27/2017 6:08:49 AM UTC -)
2,37NZ Earthquake Scargill
(5.75km away [3.58 miles]) (11/27/2017 4:55:58 AM UTC -)

Cities near Scargill

NZ Motunau3.95km away (2.46 miles)
NZ Ethelton12.21km away (7.59 miles)
NZ Omihi12.35km away (7.67 miles)
NZ Tormore15.40km away (9.57 miles)
NZ Culverden20.27km away (12.59 miles)432 inhabitants
NZ Waipara22.03km away (13.69 miles)
NZ Waikari22.04km away (13.70 miles)
NZ Domett23.64km away (14.69 miles)
NZ Medbury24.27km away (15.08 miles)
NZ Hawarden25.81km away (16.04 miles)
NZ Rotherham25.97km away (16.14 miles)
NZ Mina26.51km away (16.47 miles)
NZ Cheviot28.91km away (17.97 miles)425 inhabitants
NZ Port Robinson29.49km away (18.32 miles)
NZ Phoebe29.65km away (18.42 miles)
NZ Amberley30.58km away (19.00 miles)1 105 inhabitants
NZ Waiau32.58km away (20.24 miles)
NZ Masons Flat32.82km away (20.39 miles)
NZ Spotswood32.93km away (20.46 miles)
NZ Leithfield34.52km away (21.45 miles)

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