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5,2ZZEarthquake128km SSW of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands
4,7PGEarthquake Purunkum

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0,78USEarthquake Caldwell Pines
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1,4USEarthquake Fawnskin
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Earthquakes CL San Francisco

Informations about San Francisco

RegionAntofagasta (03/22/02203)
CoordinatesLatitude : -23.56689
Longitude : -67.89437
Time zoneAmerica/Santiago (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near San Francisco


10 last earthquakes around San Francisco

4,7CL Earthquake San Francisco
(8.97km away [5.57 miles]) (4/29/2018 4:58:02 PM UTC -)
4,5CL Earthquake San Francisco
(13.37km away [8.31 miles]) (2/8/1997 4:29:15 PM UTC -)
5,9CL Earthquake San Francisco
(20.14km away [12.51 miles]) (2/18/1988 1:52:36 PM UTC -)
5,1CL Earthquake San Francisco
(1.71km away [1.06 miles]) (5/10/1986 2:00:23 AM UTC -)
CL Earthquake San Francisco
(13.94km away [8.66 miles]) (12/28/1983 7:49:42 PM UTC -)
4,9CL Earthquake San Francisco
(15.77km away [9.80 miles]) (5/19/1975 8:35:33 PM UTC -)
4,4CL Earthquake Placilla de Caracoles
(118.67km away [73.74 miles]) (2/7/2020 4:00:42 PM UTC -)
4,5CL Earthquake San Pedro de Atacama
(82.58km away [51.31 miles]) (2/4/2020 8:35:40 PM UTC -)
4AR Earthquake Tolar Grande
(104.66km away [65.03 miles]) (2/1/2020 7:11:59 PM UTC -)
5,2AR Earthquake Salar de Pocitos
(136.03km away [84.53 miles]) (2/1/2020 2:35:57 AM UTC -)

Cities near San Francisco

CL Compania1.41km away (0.88 miles)
CL Socaire2.60km away (1.61 miles)
CL Camar19.00km away (11.80 miles)
CL Peine21.48km away (13.34 miles)
CL Talabre27.66km away (17.19 miles)
CL Soncor28.15km away (17.49 miles)
CL Tilomonte33.54km away (20.84 miles)
CL Pocor38.42km away (23.87 miles)
CL Tilopozo42.61km away (26.47 miles)
CL Toconao43.45km away (27.00 miles)
CL Zapar51.22km away (31.83 miles)
CL Campamento El Laco52.53km away (32.64 miles)
CL Tambillo53.47km away (33.23 miles)
CL Pajonales68.32km away (42.45 miles)
CL Cúcuter72.39km away (44.98 miles)
CL Béter73.31km away (45.55 miles)
AR Huaitiquina73.86km away (45.89 miles)
CL Tulor74.71km away (46.42 miles)
CL Negrillar75.10km away (46.66 miles)
CL Sólor75.25km away (46.76 miles)

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