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Earthquakes PR San Antón

Informations about San Antón

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionPonce (113/7268962)
CoordinatesLatitude : 18.00358
Longitude : -66.60573
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

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Alternative names for San Antón

  • San Anton

Last earthquakes near San Antón


10 last earthquakes around San Antón

2,83PR Earthquake Lagos de Norte
(79.46km away [49.38 miles]) (11/22/2019 5:08:57 AM UTC -)
2,53PR Earthquake Joyuda
(65.37km away [40.62 miles]) (11/22/2019 3:25:04 AM UTC -)
2,18PR Earthquake Manzanillo
(15.78km away [9.81 miles]) (11/22/2019 3:15:16 AM UTC -)
2,35PR Earthquake Viejo San Juan
(97.97km away [60.87 miles]) (11/22/2019 3:01:07 AM UTC -)
2,9PR Earthquake Arenas
(126.71km away [78.73 miles]) (11/22/2019 2:03:22 AM UTC -)
2,01PR Earthquake Joyuda
(67.86km away [42.16 miles]) (11/22/2019 1:29:13 AM UTC -)
1,85PR Earthquake Joyuda
(82.43km away [51.22 miles]) (11/21/2019 11:46:12 PM UTC -)
2,01PR Earthquake Colinas del Oeste
(56.60km away [35.17 miles]) (11/21/2019 9:58:02 PM UTC -)
1,87PR Earthquake Quinta Esperanza
(11.74km away [7.29 miles]) (11/21/2019 11:54:45 AM UTC -)
1,97PR Earthquake Campamento Santana
(38.51km away [23.93 miles]) (11/21/2019 11:37:27 AM UTC -)

Cities near San Antón

PR La Ceiba0.22km away (0.14 miles)
PR Bélgica0.51km away (0.32 miles)
PR El Bosque0.56km away (0.35 miles)
PR Cuatro Calles0.62km away (0.38 miles)
PR Salazar0.64km away (0.39 miles)
PR Constancia0.69km away (0.43 miles)
PR Vista Alegre0.82km away (0.51 miles)
PR Buena Vista0.90km away (0.56 miles)
PR Caserio Doctor Gándara1.04km away (0.65 miles)
PR Ponce1.21km away (0.75 miles)152 634 inhabitants
PR Fagot1.22km away (0.76 miles)
PR Santa María1.30km away (0.80 miles)
PR La Alhambra1.34km away (0.83 miles)
PR Mariani1.35km away (0.84 miles)
PR Los Almendros1.45km away (0.90 miles)
PR Bucaná1.54km away (0.96 miles)
PR Villa Flores1.70km away (1.06 miles)
PR Camino del Sur1.76km away (1.09 miles)
PR Caserio Doctor Pila1.81km away (1.12 miles)
PR Hacienda Restaurada1.81km away (1.12 miles)

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