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4,9ZZEarthquakeMid-Indian Ridge

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Earthquakes NZ Ruatoria

Informations about Ruatoria

CountryNew Zealand
RegionGisborne (F1/028)
CoordinatesLatitude : -37.88333
Longitude : 178.33333
Population897 inhabitants
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

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Last earthquakes near Ruatoria


10 last earthquakes around Ruatoria

1,71NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(7.11km away [4.42 miles]) (6/27/2020 2:35:45 PM UTC -)
1,6NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(0.63km away [0.39 miles]) (5/14/2020 1:55:50 PM UTC -)
1,91NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(3.42km away [2.13 miles]) (5/13/2020 8:56:36 PM UTC -)
1,73NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(4.87km away [3.02 miles]) (4/11/2020 8:35:42 PM UTC -)
1,53NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(5.08km away [3.15 miles]) (3/7/2020 6:57:52 AM UTC -)
1,94NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(5.43km away [3.37 miles]) (10/10/2019 5:49:39 PM UTC -)
2,34NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(1.43km away [0.89 miles]) (9/24/2019 8:12:50 PM UTC -)
1,76NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(2.32km away [1.44 miles]) (9/21/2019 5:17:55 PM UTC -)
2,35NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(4.47km away [2.78 miles]) (8/1/2019 3:32:30 PM UTC -)
1,69NZ Earthquake Ruatoria
(2.58km away [1.60 miles]) (8/1/2019 7:00:02 AM UTC -)

Cities near Ruatoria

NZ Tuparoa5.98km away (3.72 miles)
NZ Waitakaro8.08km away (5.02 miles)
NZ Whareponga9.73km away (6.04 miles)
NZ Port Awanui11.67km away (7.25 miles)
NZ Waipiro14.84km away (9.22 miles)
NZ Rangitukia16.55km away (10.28 miles)
NZ Whakaangiangi18.78km away (11.67 miles)
NZ Te Puia20.62km away (12.81 miles)
NZ Pakihiroa23.73km away (14.74 miles)
NZ Tokomaru27.98km away (17.39 miles)495 inhabitants
NZ Te Araroa27.98km away (17.39 miles)
NZ Horoera29.14km away (18.10 miles)
NZ Hicks Bay31.68km away (19.68 miles)
NZ Cape Runaway44.94km away (27.93 miles)
NZ Raukokore47.36km away (29.43 miles)
NZ Waihau Bay47.62km away (29.59 miles)
NZ Tolaga Bay53.88km away (33.48 miles)932 inhabitants
NZ Omaio59.07km away (36.70 miles)
NZ Te Kaha59.93km away (37.24 miles)403 inhabitants
NZ Houpoto65.89km away (40.94 miles)

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