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Earthquakes NZ Rotherham

Informations about Rotherham

CountryNew Zealand
RegionCanterbury (E9/058)
CoordinatesLatitude : -42.7
Longitude : 172.95
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

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Last earthquakes near Rotherham


10 last earthquakes around Rotherham

2,63NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(1.20km away [0.74 miles]) (12/8/2019 4:58:36 AM UTC -)
2,11NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(13.09km away [8.14 miles]) (11/23/2019 4:57:59 AM UTC -)
2,35NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(6.84km away [4.25 miles]) (11/19/2019 4:37:14 AM UTC -)
2,15NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(10.50km away [6.53 miles]) (10/14/2019 7:29:27 AM UTC -)
3,05NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(9.42km away [5.86 miles]) (9/11/2019 12:02:55 AM UTC -)
2,48NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(1.85km away [1.15 miles]) (8/30/2019 11:42:54 PM UTC -)
2,09NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(5.93km away [3.68 miles]) (5/21/2019 7:08:07 PM UTC -)
2,41NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(3.82km away [2.37 miles]) (5/9/2019 9:46:44 PM UTC -)
2,6NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(11.33km away [7.04 miles]) (5/2/2019 8:37:06 PM UTC -)
1,88NZ Earthquake Rotherham
(11.27km away [7.00 miles]) (3/14/2019 4:35:34 AM UTC -)

Cities near Rotherham

NZ Waiau9.90km away (6.15 miles)
NZ Culverden11.04km away (6.86 miles)432 inhabitants
NZ Ethelton23.13km away (14.37 miles)
NZ Hanmer Springs23.15km away (14.38 miles)784 inhabitants
NZ Phoebe24.33km away (15.12 miles)
NZ Scargill25.97km away (16.14 miles)
NZ Spotswood26.49km away (16.46 miles)
NZ Mina26.55km away (16.50 miles)
NZ Tormore26.83km away (16.67 miles)
NZ Domett27.45km away (17.06 miles)
NZ Parnassus28.69km away (17.83 miles)
NZ Mendip Hills28.82km away (17.91 miles)
NZ Cheviot28.96km away (17.99 miles)425 inhabitants
NZ Mt Lyford28.96km away (17.99 miles)
NZ Medbury29.67km away (18.43 miles)
NZ Motunau29.72km away (18.46 miles)
NZ Hawkeswood31.86km away (19.80 miles)
NZ Port Robinson34.09km away (21.18 miles)
NZ Omihi36.18km away (22.48 miles)
NZ Hawarden36.65km away (22.77 miles)

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