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Earthquakes PR Rio Canas

Informations about Rio Canas

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionPonce (113/7268316)
CoordinatesLatitude : 18.00274
Longitude : -66.63656
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Rio Canas


10 last earthquakes around Rio Canas

2,64PR Earthquake Media Quijada
(20.03km away [12.45 miles]) (1/8/2021 9:25:59 AM UTC -)
2,02PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(27.32km away [16.98 miles]) (1/8/2021 8:36:18 AM UTC -)
2,2PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(28.43km away [17.66 miles]) (1/8/2021 6:49:58 AM UTC -)
2,59PR Earthquake Ensenada
(35.70km away [22.18 miles]) (1/8/2021 6:27:31 AM UTC -)
3,37PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(28.21km away [17.53 miles]) (1/8/2021 3:57:04 AM UTC -)
1,93PR Earthquake Barinas
(22.14km away [13.76 miles]) (1/8/2021 3:22:53 AM UTC -)
2,62PR Earthquake Media Quijada
(22.47km away [13.96 miles]) (1/8/2021 3:16:34 AM UTC -)
2,15PR Earthquake Guánica Zona Urbana
(30.51km away [18.96 miles]) (1/8/2021 2:52:39 AM UTC -)
2,22PR Earthquake Ensenada
(31.95km away [19.85 miles]) (1/8/2021 1:05:42 AM UTC -)
2,49PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(31.84km away [19.78 miles]) (1/7/2021 11:53:56 PM UTC -)

Cities near Rio Canas

PR Rio Canas Development Amazonas Street0.41km away (0.25 miles)
PR San Antonio0.52km away (0.32 miles)
PR Los Pámpanos0.61km away (0.38 miles)
PR San Antonio Dev. Daniela Street0.61km away (0.38 miles)
PR Hacienda Matilde0.93km away (0.58 miles)
PR Clausells0.98km away (0.61 miles)
PR Baldorioty de Castro1.30km away (0.81 miles)
PR Extensión Mariani1.33km away (0.83 miles)
PR Morel Campos1.34km away (0.83 miles)
PR Ponce de León1.40km away (0.87 miles)
PR Villa Grillasca1.41km away (0.88 miles)
PR Liro Del Sur1.59km away (0.99 miles)
PR Jardines del Caribe1.69km away (1.05 miles)
PR Santa María1.98km away (1.23 miles)
PR Mariani2.02km away (1.26 miles)
PR Amalia Marin2.12km away (1.32 miles)
PR Santo Tomas2.42km away (1.50 miles)
PR Ponce2.56km away (1.59 miles)152 634 inhabitants
PR El Vigía2.57km away (1.60 miles)
PR Barriada El Caribe2.71km away (1.68 miles)

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