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Earthquakes AR Punta del Agua

Informations about Punta del Agua

RegionSalta (17/66014)
CoordinatesLatitude : -24.89605
Longitude : -66.04927
Time zoneAmerica/Argentina/Salta (GMT -3h)

Last earthquakes near Punta del Agua


10 last earthquakes around Punta del Agua

4,4AR Earthquake Sijes
(116.68km away [72.50 miles]) (8/8/2020 10:01:12 AM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Medanitos
(126.14km away [78.38 miles]) (6/30/2020 11:35:38 PM UTC -)
4,1AR Earthquake Catúa
(135.92km away [84.46 miles]) (6/14/2020 5:36:01 AM UTC -)
4,5AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(111.44km away [69.24 miles]) (5/25/2020 1:17:33 PM UTC -)
4,5AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(111.22km away [69.11 miles]) (5/23/2020 7:17:22 AM UTC -)
4,5AR Earthquake Catúa
(136.46km away [84.79 miles]) (5/18/2020 4:29:13 AM UTC -)
4,8AR Earthquake Catúa
(135.75km away [84.35 miles]) (5/1/2020 1:01:02 AM UTC -)
5,4AR Earthquake Medanitos
(132.92km away [82.59 miles]) (4/30/2020 10:10:31 PM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Medanitos
(114.93km away [71.42 miles]) (4/30/2020 9:03:26 PM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(108.34km away [67.32 miles]) (4/13/2020 1:24:47 PM UTC -)

Cities near Punta del Agua

AR Pueblo Viejo10.18km away (6.33 miles)
AR Palermo Oeste12.47km away (7.75 miles)
AR Pucará16.27km away (10.11 miles)
AR Payogasta18.12km away (11.26 miles)
AR Tonco22.69km away (14.10 miles)
AR La Poma24.71km away (15.36 miles)
AR Cachí Adentro27.05km away (16.81 miles)
AR El Manzano27.24km away (16.93 miles)
AR Cachí27.57km away (17.13 miles)2 189 inhabitants
AR El Trigal27.61km away (17.16 miles)
AR Escalchi29.42km away (18.28 miles)
AR Las Capillas31.14km away (19.35 miles)
AR Chorrillos34.33km away (21.33 miles)
AR El Tunal35.31km away (21.94 miles)
AR La Paya35.82km away (22.26 miles)
AR Virrey Toledo36.95km away (22.96 miles)
AR El Saladillo37.08km away (23.04 miles)
AR El Alisal37.31km away (23.18 miles)
AR Cachipampa37.38km away (23.23 miles)
AR La Zanja38.60km away (23.98 miles)

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