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Earthquakes PR Punta Brava

Informations about Punta Brava

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionPonce (113/7268340)
CoordinatesLatitude : 18.0058
Longitude : -66.53351
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Punta Brava


10 last earthquakes around Punta Brava

1,57PR Earthquake Punta Brava
(0.65km away [0.40 miles]) (11/4/2018 5:37:21 PM UTC -)
1,67PR Earthquake Punta Brava
(0.48km away [0.30 miles]) (4/23/2018 8:40:49 AM UTC -)
4,1PR Earthquake El Balneario
(22.13km away [13.75 miles]) (1/19/2020 6:45:04 PM UTC -)
4,7PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(45.59km away [28.33 miles]) (1/19/2020 3:52:19 PM UTC -)
3,8PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(47.44km away [29.48 miles]) (1/19/2020 3:52:19 PM UTC -)
3,4PR Earthquake Media Quijada
(32.82km away [20.39 miles]) (1/19/2020 11:50:19 AM UTC -)
3,8PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(35.80km away [22.24 miles]) (1/19/2020 11:50:17 AM UTC -)
3,4PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(32.45km away [20.16 miles]) (1/19/2020 11:44:40 AM UTC -)
3,5PR Earthquake Balneario de Caña Gorda
(33.74km away [20.97 miles]) (1/19/2020 11:44:39 AM UTC -)
3,17PR Earthquake Ensenada
(47.50km away [29.51 miles]) (1/19/2020 10:54:01 AM UTC -)

Cities near Punta Brava

PR Cuarta de Tierra0.55km away (0.34 miles)
PR Arús0.83km away (0.52 miles)
PR Capitanejo Comunidad0.86km away (0.53 miles)
PR Capitanejo0.97km away (0.60 miles)3 209 inhabitants
PR Ventura1.43km away (0.89 miles)
PR Fortuna1.59km away (0.99 miles)
PR Sabana Llana Abajo1.63km away (1.01 miles)
PR Hacienda Cintrona Primera1.89km away (1.18 miles)
PR Unión1.90km away (1.18 miles)
PR Aguilita1.95km away (1.21 miles)4 922 inhabitants
PR Hacienda Fé2.20km away (1.37 miles)
PR Galicias2.40km away (1.49 miles)
PR Buyones2.41km away (1.50 miles)
PR Boca Chica2.44km away (1.52 miles)
PR Hacienda Teresa2.49km away (1.55 miles)
PR Aguilita Comunidad2.52km away (1.57 miles)
PR Hacienda Potala2.53km away (1.57 miles)
PR Tiburones2.57km away (1.60 miles)
PR Cintrona Segunda2.74km away (1.70 miles)
PR Mercedita3.19km away (1.98 miles)

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