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Earthquakes MX Potrero de León

Informations about Potrero de León

RegionBaja California (02/003)
CoordinatesLatitude : 32.24
Longitude : -116.2275
Population6 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Tijuana (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Potrero de León


10 last earthquakes around Potrero de León

3,66MX Earthquake Potrero de León
(0.66km away [0.41 miles]) (4/6/1953 6:15:16 AM UTC -)
1,11US Earthquake Mesquite Oasis
(82.27km away [51.12 miles]) (1/17/2020 1:29:08 AM UTC -)
1,32US Quarry blast Jamacha
(85.91km away [53.38 miles]) (1/16/2020 8:10:33 PM UTC -)
0,99US Earthquake Mesquite Oasis
(86.21km away [53.57 miles]) (1/16/2020 11:37:03 AM UTC -)
2,65MX Earthquake Arroyo Grande
(104.81km away [65.13 miles]) (1/16/2020 11:03:24 AM UTC -)
1,06US Earthquake Coyote Wells
(57.25km away [35.58 miles]) (1/16/2020 8:26:42 AM UTC -)
2,67MX Earthquake Colonia La Puerta
(82.72km away [51.40 miles]) (1/15/2020 8:49:20 AM UTC -)
1,09US Earthquake Mesquite Oasis
(72.03km away [44.76 miles]) (1/14/2020 9:09:02 AM UTC -)
1,8US Earthquake Mesquite Oasis
(72.75km away [45.21 miles]) (1/14/2020 2:48:50 AM UTC -)
1,53US Quarry blast Otay Mesa
(83.37km away [51.80 miles]) (1/13/2020 9:53:00 PM UTC -)

Cities near Potrero de León

MX El Piojo3.03km away (1.88 miles)1 inhabitants
MX Víboras3.76km away (2.34 miles)
MX Agua Hechicera4.12km away (2.56 miles)
MX Sierrita5.37km away (3.34 miles)
MX El Bajío Largo5.76km away (3.58 miles)2 inhabitants
MX San Faustino6.08km away (3.78 miles)
MX Rancho San Faustino6.29km away (3.91 miles)
MX El Pinal7.01km away (4.36 miles)
MX Warne de Arriba7.63km away (4.74 miles)
MX El Chapo9.01km away (5.60 miles)2 inhabitants
MX Los Gavilanes9.24km away (5.74 miles)
MX Valdez9.35km away (5.81 miles)
MX Las Chimeneas10.00km away (6.21 miles)
MX Valle de los Pinos10.55km away (6.56 miles)
MX El Testorazo11.04km away (6.86 miles)
MX La Tortuga11.04km away (6.86 miles)
MX El Compadre11.39km away (7.08 miles)4 inhabitants
MX Huertita11.59km away (7.20 miles)
MX Jamatay12.44km away (7.73 miles)
MX San Juan de Dios13.24km away (8.22 miles)

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