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Earthquakes NZ Phoebe

Informations about Phoebe

CountryNew Zealand
RegionCanterbury (E9/058)
CoordinatesLatitude : -42.76667
Longitude : 173.23333
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Phoebe


10 last earthquakes around Phoebe

2,52NZ Earthquake Phoebe
(10.52km away [6.54 miles]) (5/16/2019 9:34:35 AM UTC -)
2,66NZ Earthquake Phoebe
(1.81km away [1.13 miles]) (2/5/2019 8:30:01 AM UTC -)
2,67NZ Earthquake Phoebe
(9.90km away [6.15 miles]) (10/4/2018 8:52:20 PM UTC -)
3,38NZ Earthquake Phoebe
(2.34km away [1.45 miles]) (10/13/2017 12:01:32 PM UTC -)
4,1NZ Earthquake Phoebe
(0.98km away [0.61 miles]) (3/9/2017 4:00:58 PM UTC -)
1,73NZ Earthquake Masons Flat
(74.21km away [46.11 miles]) (2/18/2020 8:32:34 AM UTC -)
1,67NZ Earthquake Darfield
(118.38km away [73.55 miles]) (2/17/2020 9:08:47 AM UTC -)
2,49NZ Earthquake South Bay
(58.22km away [36.18 miles]) (2/17/2020 2:50:46 AM UTC -)
2,15NZ Earthquake Waikari
(48.77km away [30.30 miles]) (2/16/2020 8:26:26 PM UTC -)
2,51NZ Earthquake Sandy Knolls
(116.45km away [72.36 miles]) (2/16/2020 10:33:07 AM UTC -)

Cities near Phoebe

NZ Spotswood3.30km away (2.05 miles)
NZ Mina5.57km away (3.46 miles)
NZ Cheviot6.20km away (3.85 miles)425 inhabitants
NZ Parnassus7.79km away (4.84 miles)
NZ Domett9.38km away (5.83 miles)
NZ Port Robinson12.39km away (7.70 miles)
NZ Hawkeswood15.35km away (9.54 miles)
NZ Tormore16.94km away (10.53 miles)
NZ Mendip Hills17.19km away (10.68 miles)
NZ Ethelton17.85km away (11.09 miles)
NZ Waiau19.84km away (12.33 miles)
NZ Rotherham24.33km away (15.12 miles)
NZ Hundalee27.63km away (17.17 miles)
NZ Scargill29.65km away (18.42 miles)
NZ Motunau31.13km away (19.34 miles)
NZ Culverden31.33km away (19.47 miles)432 inhabitants
NZ Mt Lyford31.43km away (19.53 miles)
NZ Oaro35.37km away (21.98 miles)
NZ Goose Bay40.09km away (24.91 miles)
NZ Charwell Forks40.46km away (25.14 miles)

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