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Earthquakes ID Patek

Informations about Patek

RegionAceh (01)
CoordinatesLatitude : 4.7862
Longitude : 95.4564
Time zoneAsia/Jakarta (GMT +7h)

Alternative names for Patek

  • Pate
  • Indonesian : Patek

Last earthquakes near Patek


10 last earthquakes around Patek

4,7ID Earthquake Patek
(35.13km away [21.83 miles]) (10/21/2013 8:09:23 PM UTC -)
4,3ID Earthquake Patek
(25.03km away [15.55 miles]) (12/11/2005 1:05:18 AM UTC -)
4,4ID Earthquake Patek
(71.41km away [44.37 miles]) (4/14/1998 11:54:56 AM UTC -)
4,8ID Earthquake Takmelik
(64.02km away [39.78 miles]) (1/18/2020 1:55:22 AM UTC -)
4,6ID Earthquake Kareueng
(84.05km away [52.22 miles]) (10/2/2019 9:38:19 PM UTC -)
4,4ID Earthquake Sudhen
(59.29km away [36.84 miles]) (9/16/2019 12:52:06 AM UTC -)
4,6ID Earthquake Takmelik
(66.07km away [41.05 miles]) (8/14/2019 9:56:25 PM UTC -)
4,6ID Earthquake Takmelik
(75.15km away [46.70 miles]) (3/25/2019 2:30:32 PM UTC -)
4,6ID Earthquake Cot
(97.30km away [60.46 miles]) (2/9/2019 9:21:59 AM UTC -)
5,1ID Earthquake Lhok Bubon
(105.14km away [65.33 miles]) (1/9/2019 9:39:09 AM UTC -)

Cities near Patek

ID Kampung Baro0.80km away (0.50 miles)
ID Padang1.56km away (0.97 miles)
ID Keudepate1.69km away (1.05 miles)
ID Lhok Batee2.49km away (1.55 miles)
ID Barimeh3.45km away (2.14 miles)
ID Kuala Bangkong3.66km away (2.27 miles)
ID Jeumpeue3.96km away (2.46 miles)
ID Seuneubo Paulehong4.78km away (2.97 miles)
ID Aluesenngko4.85km away (3.01 miles)
ID Cot Langsat4.92km away (3.06 miles)
ID Jeumoheuk4.93km away (3.07 miles)
ID Babah Ngom5.04km away (3.13 miles)
ID Seuneubo Langsat5.10km away (3.17 miles)
ID Drien Labo5.10km away (3.17 miles)
ID Panton Momu5.26km away (3.27 miles)
ID Matele5.35km away (3.33 miles)
ID Ujong Rundeng5.42km away (3.37 miles)
ID Rentang5.46km away (3.40 miles)
ID Arongan5.60km away (3.48 miles)
ID Babah Nipah5.93km away (3.69 miles)

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