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Earthquakes NZ Parkvale

Informations about Parkvale

CountryNew Zealand
RegionHawke's Bay (F2/030)
CoordinatesLatitude : -39.63824
Longitude : 176.85021
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Parkvale


10 last earthquakes around Parkvale

NZ Earthquake Parkvale
(0.53km away [0.33 miles]) (12/31/1992 9:32:43 PM UTC -)
1,69NZ Earthquake Wairoa
(76.95km away [47.81 miles]) (2/28/2020 4:35:01 PM UTC -)
1,07NZ Earthquake Elsthorpe
(41.20km away [25.60 miles]) (2/28/2020 4:12:15 PM UTC -)
1,78NZ Earthquake Elsthorpe
(40.97km away [25.46 miles]) (2/28/2020 3:33:17 PM UTC -)
2,18NZ Earthquake Elsthorpe
(43.00km away [26.72 miles]) (2/28/2020 6:27:08 AM UTC -)
1,73NZ Earthquake Otane
(32.18km away [20.00 miles]) (2/28/2020 6:11:22 AM UTC -)
2,22NZ Earthquake Wakarara
(49.37km away [30.68 miles]) (2/27/2020 11:35:19 PM UTC -)
1,82NZ Earthquake Te Aute
(26.34km away [16.37 miles]) (2/27/2020 6:50:40 PM UTC -)
1,31NZ Earthquake Ormondville
(76.01km away [47.23 miles]) (2/27/2020 6:20:41 PM UTC -)
0,99NZ Earthquake Waiouru Military Camp
(98.89km away [61.45 miles]) (2/27/2020 3:37:32 PM UTC -)

Cities near Parkvale

NZ Mayfair0.00km away (0.00 miles)
NZ Hastings0.09km away (0.06 miles)61 696 inhabitants
NZ Akina1.40km away (0.87 miles)
NZ Tomoana1.51km away (0.94 miles)
NZ Saint Leonards2.04km away (1.27 miles)
NZ Mahora2.39km away (1.48 miles)
NZ Raureka2.57km away (1.60 miles)
NZ Camberley4.09km away (2.54 miles)
NZ Havelock North4.25km away (2.64 miles)
NZ Pakipaki4.61km away (2.86 miles)
NZ Pukahu5.02km away (3.12 miles)
NZ Whakatu5.12km away (3.18 miles)
NZ Pahowai5.64km away (3.50 miles)
NZ Pakowhai6.27km away (3.90 miles)
NZ Flaxmere6.40km away (3.98 miles)
NZ Clive8.36km away (5.19 miles)
NZ Waiohiki8.47km away (5.26 miles)
NZ Haumoana9.05km away (5.62 miles)
NZ Waipureko9.11km away (5.66 miles)
NZ Otatara9.23km away (5.73 miles)

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