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Earthquakes NZ Paremata

Informations about Paremata

CountryNew Zealand
RegionWellington (G2/044)
CoordinatesLatitude : -41.09827
Longitude : 174.8702
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Paremata


10 last earthquakes around Paremata

NZ Earthquake Paremata
(1.04km away [0.65 miles]) (3/27/1994 1:25:38 PM UTC -)
2,71NZ Earthquake Castlecliff
(91.47km away [56.84 miles]) (7/13/2020 7:59:12 PM UTC -)
2,37NZ Earthquake Rangikura
(106.23km away [66.01 miles]) (7/13/2020 3:50:56 PM UTC -)
1,32NZ Earthquake Carterton
(53.08km away [32.98 miles]) (7/13/2020 1:07:21 PM UTC -)
0,77NZ Earthquake Masterton
(72.71km away [45.18 miles]) (7/13/2020 9:46:08 AM UTC -)
1,06NZ Earthquake Matarawa
(48.53km away [30.16 miles]) (7/13/2020 8:45:23 AM UTC -)
1,67NZ Earthquake Otaki Beach
(45.28km away [28.13 miles]) (7/13/2020 4:14:48 AM UTC -)
3,14NZ Earthquake Foxton Beach
(73.33km away [45.56 miles]) (7/13/2020 3:20:48 AM UTC -)
1,75NZ Earthquake Hauwai
(93.79km away [58.28 miles]) (7/13/2020 1:42:14 AM UTC -)
2,41NZ Earthquake Kakapo Bay
(66.39km away [41.25 miles]) (7/12/2020 2:40:33 PM UTC -)

Cities near Paremata

NZ Mana1.11km away (0.69 miles)
NZ Camborne1.11km away (0.69 miles)
NZ Papakowhai1.67km away (1.04 miles)
NZ Plimmerton1.69km away (1.05 miles)
NZ Whitby2.01km away (1.25 miles)
NZ Paremata2.07km away (1.29 miles)
NZ Ascot Park2.23km away (1.38 miles)
NZ Waitangirua2.38km away (1.48 miles)
NZ Onepoto2.75km away (1.71 miles)
NZ Titahi Bay3.10km away (1.93 miles)
NZ Karehana Bay3.12km away (1.94 miles)
NZ Cannons Creek3.44km away (2.14 miles)
NZ Pauatahanui3.90km away (2.43 miles)
NZ Porirua Pa4.18km away (2.60 miles)
NZ Porirua4.25km away (2.64 miles)50 914 inhabitants
NZ Takapuwahia4.28km away (2.66 miles)
NZ Porirua East5.11km away (3.18 miles)
NZ Ranui Heights5.11km away (3.18 miles)
NZ Elsdon5.36km away (3.33 miles)
NZ Judgeford5.68km away (3.53 miles)

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