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Earthquakes PH Parasi

Informations about Parasi

RegionCagayan Valley (02/14)
CoordinatesLatitude : 19.36896
Longitude : 121.50271
Time zoneAsia/Manila (GMT +8h)

Alternative names for Parasi

  • Rarasi

Last earthquakes near Parasi


10 last earthquakes around Parasi

4,4PH Earthquake Parasi
(31.93km away [19.84 miles]) (4/29/2012 10:39:44 AM UTC -)
4,4PH Earthquake Parasi
(32.06km away [19.92 miles]) (3/31/2006 5:51:23 PM UTC -)
4,5PH Earthquake Parasi
(50.57km away [31.42 miles]) (4/22/2003 4:04:12 AM UTC -)
4,7PH Earthquake Parasi
(35.47km away [22.04 miles]) (12/18/1990 1:47:56 AM UTC -)
4,3PH Earthquake Parasi
(40.35km away [25.07 miles]) (3/3/1979 10:15:07 AM UTC -)
5,1PH Earthquake Parasi
(15.95km away [9.91 miles]) (8/25/1973 9:50:01 PM UTC -)
4,5PH Earthquake Suryo
(46.64km away [28.98 miles]) (11/14/2019 2:51:51 AM UTC -)
4,8PH Earthquake Tulad
(43.38km away [26.96 miles]) (11/7/2019 4:18:23 AM UTC -)
4,9PH Earthquake Caucauayan
(40.67km away [25.27 miles]) (11/3/2019 3:54:03 AM UTC -)
4,7PH Earthquake Caucauayan
(43.71km away [27.16 miles]) (5/12/2019 10:00:01 AM UTC -)

Cities near Parasi

PH Naraman1.43km away (0.89 miles)
PH Batang2.15km away (1.33 miles)
PH Maramara4.58km away (2.84 miles)
PH Dilam5.20km away (3.23 miles)
PH Casaluran5.50km away (3.42 miles)
PH Cadatan5.56km away (3.46 miles)
PH Banua7.85km away (4.88 miles)
PH Cabudadan8.20km away (5.09 miles)
PH Dibnong9.24km away (5.74 miles)
PH Suryo9.95km away (6.18 miles)
PH Sagapo9.98km away (6.20 miles)
PH Piddan10.33km away (6.42 miles)
PH Tumok10.67km away (6.63 miles)
PH Nangabaywanan10.91km away (6.78 miles)
PH Dibay10.98km away (6.82 miles)
PH Cababaan11.43km away (7.10 miles)
PH Casayan11.69km away (7.26 miles)
PH Catulayan11.81km away (7.34 miles)
PH Balagubag12.00km away (7.46 miles)
PH Balio12.03km away (7.47 miles)

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