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Earthquakes PR Palmarejo

Informations about Palmarejo

CountryPuerto Rico
RegionLajas (079/7268719)
CoordinatesLatitude : 18.04024
Longitude : -67.07685
Population1 169 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Puerto Rico (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Palmarejo


10 last earthquakes around Palmarejo

1,28PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(0.86km away [0.53 miles]) (11/10/2019 2:57:22 PM UTC -)
2,04PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(0.75km away [0.46 miles]) (10/14/2018 11:09:12 AM UTC -)
1,66PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(1.05km away [0.65 miles]) (9/1/2018 5:23:42 PM UTC -)
2,39PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(1.70km away [1.06 miles]) (4/29/2017 3:10:22 AM UTC -)
2,1PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(1.60km away [1.00 miles]) (3/29/2017 8:49:45 AM UTC -)
1,8PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(0.91km away [0.56 miles]) (2/12/2017 9:13:05 AM UTC -)
1,9PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(1.13km away [0.70 miles]) (7/2/2014 1:23:39 AM UTC -)
1,5PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(0.98km away [0.61 miles]) (5/19/2014 3:40:04 PM UTC -)
2,4PR Earthquake Palmarejo
(0.71km away [0.44 miles]) (10/3/1997 11:52:30 PM UTC -)
2,43PR Earthquake Barrio Guaypao
(16.92km away [10.52 miles]) (7/13/2020 2:05:10 PM UTC -)

Cities near Palmarejo

PR Palmarejo Comunidad0.12km away (0.07 miles)
PR Sector Piedras Blancas1.69km away (1.05 miles)
PR Jardines de Lajas1.71km away (1.06 miles)
PR Barriada Tomei1.86km away (1.15 miles)
PR Hacienda Resolución1.91km away (1.19 miles)
PR Lajas Zona Urbana2.04km away (1.27 miles)
PR Lajas2.15km away (1.33 miles)5 255 inhabitants
PR El Valle2.27km away (1.41 miles)
PR Hacienda Luisa2.27km away (1.41 miles)
PR Alturas de Lajas Number 22.27km away (1.41 miles)
PR Reparto El Valle2.33km away (1.44 miles)
PR Alturas de Lajas Number 12.35km away (1.46 miles)
PR Extension El Valle2.45km away (1.52 miles)
PR Maguayo3.41km away (2.12 miles)
PR Llanos3.65km away (2.27 miles)
PR Hacienda Desengaño4.05km away (2.52 miles)
PR El Brujo4.08km away (2.53 miles)
PR Olivares4.28km away (2.66 miles)
PR Parada de Señal Fulminante4.43km away (2.75 miles)
PR Sabana Eneas Comunidad4.62km away (2.87 miles)

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