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Earthquakes NZ Outer Kaiti

Informations about Outer Kaiti

CountryNew Zealand
RegionGisborne (F1/028)
CoordinatesLatitude : -38.66824
Longitude : 178.05021
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Outer Kaiti


10 last earthquakes around Outer Kaiti

3,5NZ Earthquake Outer Kaiti
(3.02km away [1.88 miles]) (3/22/2018 7:28:24 AM UTC -)
2,52NZ Earthquake Outer Kaiti
(1.42km away [0.88 miles]) (9/29/2017 5:36:41 AM UTC -)
2,08NZ Earthquake Maungatea Village
(76.69km away [47.65 miles]) (12/6/2019 2:52:09 PM UTC -)
1,75NZ Earthquake Tuhara
(62.50km away [38.84 miles]) (12/6/2019 2:23:22 PM UTC -)
1,99NZ Earthquake Upper Waiawa
(85.12km away [52.89 miles]) (12/6/2019 8:36:42 AM UTC -)
1,47NZ Earthquake Waipiro
(73.84km away [45.88 miles]) (12/6/2019 7:59:16 AM UTC -)
2,66NZ Earthquake Matawhero
(8.66km away [5.38 miles]) (12/6/2019 2:16:18 AM UTC -)
1,52NZ Earthquake Waitakaro
(84.17km away [52.30 miles]) (12/5/2019 11:21:30 PM UTC -)
1,75NZ Earthquake Napier
(132.13km away [82.10 miles]) (12/5/2019 8:38:39 PM UTC -)
2,52NZ Earthquake Waipureko
(131.93km away [81.98 miles]) (12/5/2019 8:15:44 PM UTC -)

Cities near Outer Kaiti

NZ Tamarau1.11km away (0.69 miles)
NZ Kaiti1.74km away (1.08 miles)
NZ Okitu2.61km away (1.62 miles)
NZ Wainui2.88km away (1.79 miles)
NZ Whataupoko3.43km away (2.13 miles)
NZ Gisborne4.33km away (2.69 miles)34 274 inhabitants
NZ Mangapapa4.82km away (3.00 miles)
NZ Awapuni5.33km away (3.31 miles)
NZ Te Hapara5.67km away (3.52 miles)
NZ Elgin5.67km away (3.52 miles)
NZ Matawhero7.26km away (4.51 miles)
NZ Makaraka7.54km away (4.69 miles)
NZ Makauri9.54km away (5.93 miles)
NZ Manutuke11.73km away (7.29 miles)685 inhabitants
NZ Waerengaahika12.69km away (7.88 miles)
NZ Patutahi14.27km away (8.86 miles)386 inhabitants
NZ Muriwai15.96km away (9.91 miles)
NZ Ormond16.21km away (10.07 miles)
NZ Whangara18.37km away (11.41 miles)
NZ Kaitaratahi18.99km away (11.80 miles)

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