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Earthquakes NZ Opapa

Informations about Opapa

CountryNew Zealand
RegionHawke's Bay (F2/030)
CoordinatesLatitude : -39.8
Longitude : 176.68333
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Opapa


10 last earthquakes around Opapa

2NZ Earthquake Opapa
(3.10km away [1.93 miles]) (6/13/2020 7:19:18 PM UTC -)
1,57NZ Earthquake Opapa
(2.70km away [1.68 miles]) (6/1/2020 5:36:34 PM UTC -)
1,24NZ Earthquake Opapa
(3.09km away [1.92 miles]) (5/19/2020 5:51:37 AM UTC -)
1,43NZ Earthquake Opapa
(4.28km away [2.66 miles]) (5/10/2020 3:48:28 PM UTC -)
1,54NZ Earthquake Opapa
(4.26km away [2.65 miles]) (5/5/2020 4:31:27 AM UTC -)
1,62NZ Earthquake Opapa
(2.77km away [1.72 miles]) (4/17/2020 8:45:41 AM UTC -)
2,11NZ Earthquake Opapa
(3.88km away [2.41 miles]) (4/5/2020 11:25:27 AM UTC -)
2,51NZ Earthquake Opapa
(3.89km away [2.42 miles]) (4/4/2020 9:46:50 PM UTC -)
1,31NZ Earthquake Opapa
(2.35km away [1.46 miles]) (3/13/2020 11:15:30 PM UTC -)
2,2NZ Earthquake Opapa
(4.24km away [2.63 miles]) (1/3/2020 11:16:46 AM UTC -)

Cities near Opapa

NZ Te Hauke3.71km away (2.31 miles)
NZ Te Aute5.37km away (3.34 miles)
NZ Pukehou5.66km away (3.52 miles)
NZ Poukawa5.66km away (3.52 miles)
NZ Otane10.21km away (6.35 miles)566 inhabitants
NZ Kaikora12.61km away (7.84 miles)
NZ Patangata13.30km away (8.26 miles)
NZ Kahuranaki14.23km away (8.84 miles)
NZ Argyll East14.82km away (9.21 miles)
NZ Waipawa16.95km away (10.53 miles)
NZ Maraekakaho17.24km away (10.71 miles)
NZ Elsthorpe17.28km away (10.74 miles)
NZ Pakipaki18.46km away (11.47 miles)
NZ Pukahu19.29km away (11.99 miles)
NZ Tikokino20.04km away (12.45 miles)
NZ Raureka21.48km away (13.35 miles)
NZ Ruataniwha21.58km away (13.41 miles)
NZ Akina21.58km away (13.41 miles)
NZ Flaxmere21.87km away (13.59 miles)
NZ Havelock North22.66km away (14.08 miles)

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