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Earthquakes CL Oficina Alemania

Informations about Oficina Alemania

RegionAntofagasta (03/21/02104)
CoordinatesLatitude : -25.15595
Longitude : -69.90716
Time zoneAmerica/Santiago (GMT -4h)

Last earthquakes near Oficina Alemania


10 last earthquakes around Oficina Alemania

4,8CL Earthquake Oficina Alemania
(9.21km away [5.72 miles]) (7/30/1995 5:34:28 AM UTC -)
CL Earthquake Oficina Alemania
(16.05km away [9.97 miles]) (5/28/1981 3:03:42 AM UTC -)
5CL Earthquake Oficina Alemania
(11.98km away [7.44 miles]) (12/28/1980 5:03:16 PM UTC -)
4,1CL Earthquake Río Frío
(64.24km away [39.91 miles]) (1/11/2020 3:48:08 AM UTC -)
3,9CL Earthquake Pampa Elena
(40.37km away [25.08 miles]) (12/30/2019 8:46:02 PM UTC -)
4CL Earthquake Zorras
(137.41km away [85.38 miles]) (12/29/2019 2:06:19 PM UTC -)
4,3CL Earthquake Zorras
(131.40km away [81.65 miles]) (12/7/2019 10:36:34 AM UTC -)
4,5CL Earthquake Placilla de Esmeralda
(115.84km away [71.98 miles]) (11/4/2019 9:19:55 AM UTC -)
4,3CL Earthquake Monolito
(91.45km away [56.83 miles]) (9/14/2019 5:40:34 PM UTC -)
4,2CL Earthquake Inés Chica
(112.12km away [69.67 miles]) (7/24/2019 10:06:46 AM UTC -)

Cities near Oficina Alemania

CL Cóndor9.35km away (5.81 miles)
CL Barazarte12.10km away (7.52 miles)
CL Oficina Salinitas13.35km away (8.30 miles)
CL Oficina Rosario15.18km away (9.43 miles)
CL Balmaceda19.33km away (12.01 miles)
CL Catalina20.74km away (12.89 miles)
CL Sara21.10km away (13.11 miles)
CL Pampa Nacha24.46km away (15.20 miles)
CL Porfía31.93km away (19.84 miles)
CL Pampa Yolanda32.30km away (20.07 miles)
CL Pampa Fidelia33.37km away (20.74 miles)
CL Yolanda Norte34.00km away (21.13 miles)
CL Aguada de Cachinal34.36km away (21.35 miles)
CL Cuadrilla Diez34.57km away (21.48 miles)
CL Pampa Elena35.17km away (21.85 miles)
CL Pampa Anita35.73km away (22.20 miles)
CL San Juan36.85km away (22.90 miles)
CL Rosario39.00km away (24.23 miles)
CL Morrales52.18km away (32.42 miles)
CL Aguada del Pueblo55.06km away (34.21 miles)

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