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Earthquakes NZ North Clyde

Informations about North Clyde

CountryNew Zealand
RegionHawke's Bay (F2/029)
CoordinatesLatitude : -39.02823
Longitude : 177.42022
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near North Clyde


10 last earthquakes around North Clyde

1,69NZ Earthquake North Clyde
(1.54km away [0.96 miles]) (4/5/2018 7:34:54 AM UTC -)
1,93NZ Earthquake North Clyde
(0.66km away [0.41 miles]) (2/15/2018 6:18:36 AM UTC -)
2,03NZ Earthquake Opoiti
(20.99km away [13.05 miles]) (9/27/2020 5:00:40 PM UTC -)
2,17NZ Earthquake Ngatapa
(64.90km away [40.33 miles]) (9/27/2020 10:01:16 AM UTC -)
1,78NZ Earthquake Oponae
(80.74km away [50.17 miles]) (9/27/2020 7:30:32 AM UTC -)
1,95NZ Earthquake Mahanga Beach
(47.50km away [29.51 miles]) (9/26/2020 7:05:10 PM UTC -)
1,98NZ Earthquake Te Awanga
(52.32km away [32.51 miles]) (9/26/2020 3:26:16 PM UTC -)
1,62NZ Earthquake Pukehou
(110.74km away [68.81 miles]) (9/26/2020 12:14:46 PM UTC -)
2,18NZ Earthquake Ruatahuna
(65.24km away [40.54 miles]) (9/26/2020 11:42:12 AM UTC -)
2,11NZ Earthquake Ohinepaka
(12.27km away [7.62 miles]) (9/26/2020 7:51:51 AM UTC -)

Cities near North Clyde

NZ Wairoa1.11km away (0.69 miles)
NZ Turiroa1.32km away (0.82 miles)
NZ Wairoa4.67km away (2.90 miles)4 260 inhabitants
NZ Frasertown6.85km away (4.26 miles)302 inhabitants
NZ Tuhara8.36km away (5.19 miles)
NZ Ohinepaka8.97km away (5.58 miles)
NZ Whakaki15.56km away (9.67 miles)
NZ Opoiti16.79km away (10.43 miles)
NZ Raupunga17.61km away (10.94 miles)
NZ Mohaka22.72km away (14.12 miles)
NZ Omahanui23.25km away (14.45 miles)
NZ Nuhaka28.62km away (17.78 miles)342 inhabitants
NZ Tiniroto31.76km away (19.74 miles)
NZ Tuai32.20km away (20.01 miles)280 inhabitants
NZ Waitaniwha32.92km away (20.45 miles)
NZ Morere33.23km away (20.65 miles)
NZ Kotemaori33.72km away (20.95 miles)
NZ Tarewa34.52km away (21.45 miles)
NZ Waikokopu35.35km away (21.97 miles)
NZ Opoutama35.76km away (22.22 miles)

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