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Earthquakes AR Muñano

Informations about Muñano

RegionSalta (17/66105)
CoordinatesLatitude : -24.25
Longitude : -66.2
Time zoneAmerica/Argentina/Salta (GMT -3h)

Last earthquakes near Muñano


10 last earthquakes around Muñano

4,3AR Earthquake Olaroz Chico
(93.93km away [58.37 miles]) (11/1/2019 10:05:53 PM UTC -)
4,3CL Earthquake Lever
(123.96km away [77.02 miles]) (10/27/2019 11:44:12 AM UTC -)
4,7AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(78.43km away [48.73 miles]) (10/11/2019 5:23:03 PM UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(93.32km away [57.99 miles]) (10/4/2019 12:14:55 PM UTC -)
4,1AR Earthquake El Porvenir
(79.48km away [49.39 miles]) (10/2/2019 9:18:31 AM UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(80.87km away [50.25 miles]) (10/2/2019 8:52:35 AM UTC -)
4,6AR Earthquake El Porvenir
(90.45km away [56.20 miles]) (10/1/2019 7:23:46 PM UTC -)
4,1AR Earthquake Catúa
(84.54km away [52.53 miles]) (9/26/2019 10:18:11 PM UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Sey
(69.45km away [43.15 miles]) (9/18/2019 10:59:49 PM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(85.14km away [52.90 miles]) (9/8/2019 2:02:36 AM UTC -)

Cities near Muñano

AR Los Patos8.76km away (5.44 miles)
AR San Antonio de los Cobres12.57km away (7.81 miles)4 000 inhabitants
AR Cachiñal13.53km away (8.41 miles)
AR Chorrillos21.08km away (13.10 miles)
AR Las Cuevas21.19km away (13.17 miles)
AR Incahuasi23.67km away (14.71 miles)
AR Sepulturas30.87km away (19.18 miles)
AR Santa Rosa de Tastil32.04km away (19.91 miles)2 000 inhabitants
AR El Saladillo37.81km away (23.49 miles)
AR Meseta41.53km away (25.80 miles)
AR Tacuara43.54km away (27.05 miles)
AR Las Capillas44.17km away (27.45 miles)
AR Puerta Tastil46.50km away (28.90 miles)
AR Sijes47.05km away (29.23 miles)
AR El Trigal47.78km away (29.69 miles)
AR Gobernador Manuel Solá51.23km away (31.83 miles)
AR La Poma52.54km away (32.65 miles)
AR Sey52.59km away (32.68 miles)
AR Cangrejillos52.76km away (32.79 miles)
AR Ojo de Huancar54.47km away (33.85 miles)

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