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Earthquakes US Mount Baldy

Informations about Mount Baldy

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/071)
CoordinatesLatitude : 34.23612
Longitude : -117.66006
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Alternative names for Mount Baldy

  • Camp Baldy
  • Baldy Village
  • English : Mount Baldy

Last earthquakes near Mount Baldy


10 last earthquakes around Mount Baldy

1,01US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(2.28km away [1.42 miles]) (11/12/2019 9:28:15 PM UTC -)
1,09US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(1.22km away [0.76 miles]) (10/1/2019 12:38:44 PM UTC -)
0,73US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(3.80km away [2.36 miles]) (8/3/2019 11:40:36 AM UTC -)
1,29US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(4.00km away [2.48 miles]) (7/24/2019 1:03:12 AM UTC -)
1US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(3.47km away [2.15 miles]) (11/3/2018 10:19:47 AM UTC -)
0,47US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(4.72km away [2.93 miles]) (3/31/2018 4:25:51 PM UTC -)
0,48US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(4.57km away [2.84 miles]) (3/28/2018 10:04:30 AM UTC -)
0,54US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(1.44km away [0.89 miles]) (3/1/2018 8:47:27 AM UTC -)
1,81US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(1.66km away [1.03 miles]) (3/1/2018 3:40:30 AM UTC -)
1,25US Earthquake Mount Baldy
(2.34km away [1.45 miles]) (2/28/2018 10:29:39 PM UTC -)

Cities near Mount Baldy

US Dells (historical)0.68km away (0.42 miles)
US San Antonio Heights8.97km away (5.58 miles)3 371 inhabitants
US Tanbark Flats9.93km away (6.17 miles)
US Johnson Corner11.62km away (7.22 miles)
US Alta Loma13.90km away (8.64 miles)
US Wrightwood14.10km away (8.76 miles)4 525 inhabitants
US Los Olivos14.21km away (8.83 miles)
US College Heights14.66km away (9.11 miles)
US Las Uvas (historical)14.77km away (9.18 miles)
US Scotland14.92km away (9.27 miles)
US Lytle Creek14.95km away (9.29 miles)701 inhabitants
US Grapeland15.28km away (9.50 miles)
US Upland15.47km away (9.61 miles)76 443 inhabitants
US Rancho Cucamonga15.70km away (9.76 miles)175 236 inhabitants
US North Ontario15.82km away (9.83 miles)
US Big Pines16.13km away (10.02 miles)
US Claremont16.47km away (10.23 miles)36 283 inhabitants
US North Cucamonga17.46km away (10.85 miles)
US Wildhorse Canyon17.53km away (10.89 miles)
US Etiwanda17.54km away (10.90 miles)

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