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Earthquakes FR Montner

Informations about Montner

RegionOccitanie (76/66/662/66118)
CoordinatesLatitude : 42.74845
Longitude : 2.67807
Population267 inhabitants
Time zoneEurope/Paris (GMT +1h)

Last earthquakes near Montner


10 last earthquakes around Montner

0,7FR Earthquake Montner
(1.90km away [1.18 miles]) (9/17/2020 12:50:43 AM UTC -)
2,2FR Earthquake Montner
(0.23km away [0.15 miles]) (2/7/2006 10:56:54 PM UTC -)
2,2FR Earthquake Montner
(0.23km away [0.15 miles]) (2/7/2006 10:56:54 PM UTC -)
2,9FR Earthquake Montner
(1.08km away [0.67 miles]) (5/7/1992 11:00:56 PM UTC -)
1,3FR Earthquake Vernaux
(75.38km away [46.84 miles]) (9/22/2020 3:41:26 PM UTC -)
0,8FR Quarry blast Pézilla-de-Conflent
(16.48km away [10.24 miles]) (9/22/2020 9:14:46 AM UTC -)
0,8FR Quarry blast Espira-de-l’Agly
(14.05km away [8.73 miles]) (9/22/2020 6:37:41 AM UTC -)
1,5ES Earthquake Franciac
(98.60km away [61.27 miles]) (9/22/2020 1:24:44 AM UTC -)
1,6FR Quarry blast Axiat
(74.46km away [46.27 miles]) (9/21/2020 3:44:05 PM UTC -)
0,9FR Quarry blast Caussou
(72.12km away [44.81 miles]) (9/18/2020 11:06:39 AM UTC -)

Cities near Montner

FR Latour-de-France2.95km away (1.83 miles)964 inhabitants
FR Estagel3.14km away (1.95 miles)2 129 inhabitants
FR Planèzes5.19km away (3.22 miles)108 inhabitants
FR Cassagnes5.55km away (3.45 miles)218 inhabitants
FR Rasiguères5.97km away (3.71 miles)186 inhabitants
FR Néfiach6.18km away (3.84 miles)865 inhabitants
FR Calce6.29km away (3.91 miles)201 inhabitants
FR Millas6.43km away (4.00 miles)3 789 inhabitants
FR Bélesta6.84km away (4.25 miles)236 inhabitants
FR Corneilla-la-Rivière7.13km away (4.43 miles)1 538 inhabitants
FR Saint-Féliu-d’Amont7.79km away (4.84 miles)
FR Caramany8.87km away (5.51 miles)183 inhabitants
FR Saint-Féliu-d’Avall8.96km away (5.57 miles)
FR Tautavel9.22km away (5.73 miles)928 inhabitants
FR Cases-de-Pène9.46km away (5.88 miles)610 inhabitants
FR Pézilla-la-Rivière9.64km away (5.99 miles)3 002 inhabitants
FR Maury9.78km away (6.07 miles)941 inhabitants
FR Lansac9.79km away (6.08 miles)86 inhabitants
FR Ille-sur-Têt9.81km away (6.10 miles)5 470 inhabitants
FR Corbère-les-Cabanes10.10km away (6.28 miles)920 inhabitants

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