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Earthquakes CO Miradores

Informations about Miradores

RegionSantander (26/68547)
CoordinatesLatitude : 7.00175
Longitude : -73.10068
Time zoneAmerica/Bogota (GMT -5h)

Alternative names for Miradores

  • Spanish : Miradores

Last earthquakes near Miradores


10 last earthquakes around Miradores

4,2CO Earthquake Miradores
(3.41km away [2.12 miles]) (9/25/2000 1:23:47 AM UTC -)
4,8CO Earthquake Miradores
(2.85km away [1.77 miles]) (9/24/1989 8:37:12 PM UTC -)
4,2CO Earthquake Miradores
(3.18km away [1.97 miles]) (8/5/1974 8:32:11 AM UTC -)
5CO Earthquake Pescadero
(20.25km away [12.59 miles]) (10/12/2021 4:51:47 AM UTC -)
4,8CO Earthquake La Honda
(17.04km away [10.59 miles]) (10/5/2021 7:37:48 PM UTC -)
4,2VE Earthquake La Primavera
(116.16km away [72.18 miles]) (9/27/2021 12:59:39 AM UTC -)
4,2CO Earthquake Umpalá
(19.22km away [11.94 miles]) (9/25/2021 1:18:57 AM UTC -)
4,3CO Earthquake La Honda
(14.97km away [9.30 miles]) (9/7/2021 6:13:54 AM UTC -)
4,5CO Earthquake La Honda
(17.62km away [10.95 miles]) (8/28/2021 12:37:21 PM UTC -)
4,1CO Earthquake Los Curos
(14.80km away [9.19 miles]) (8/9/2021 10:50:22 PM UTC -)

Cities near Miradores

CO Cerro de Morales3.32km away (2.07 miles)
CO Hacienda La Unión4.59km away (2.85 miles)
CO Paraguay4.94km away (3.07 miles)
CO La Parcela5.11km away (3.18 miles)
CO La Mata5.12km away (3.18 miles)
CO Polvorería Mariposa5.70km away (3.54 miles)
CO Los Cauchos5.72km away (3.56 miles)
CO Piedecuesta5.86km away (3.64 miles)86 387 inhabitants
CO Santana6.01km away (3.73 miles)
CO El Porvenir6.13km away (3.81 miles)
CO El Verde6.32km away (3.93 miles)
CO El Rincón6.36km away (3.95 miles)
CO Gómez Rodríguez6.69km away (4.16 miles)
CO Floridablanca6.91km away (4.30 miles)252 267 inhabitants
CO Barbosa6.92km away (4.30 miles)
CO Puyana7.14km away (4.44 miles)
CO El Caucho7.18km away (4.46 miles)
CO Baborreal7.29km away (4.53 miles)
CO Llano Grande7.64km away (4.75 miles)
CO Colón7.70km away (4.78 miles)

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