Earthquakes US Lowell

Informations about Lowell

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/055)
CoordinatesLatitude : 38.17408
Longitude : -122.2533
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Lowell


10 last earthquakes around Lowell

1,68US Earthquake Lowell
(2.40km away [1.49 miles]) (11/11/2003 4:20:45 AM UTC -)
1,74US Earthquake Lowell
(0.64km away [0.40 miles]) (10/6/1987 1:18:01 PM UTC -)
0,44US Earthquake Caldwell Pines
(87.46km away [54.35 miles]) (1/29/2020 2:41:39 PM UTC -)
1,06US Earthquake Castle Rock Springs
(81.21km away [50.46 miles]) (1/29/2020 12:37:27 PM UTC -)
0,78US Earthquake Caldwell Pines
(86.21km away [53.57 miles]) (1/29/2020 10:46:03 AM UTC -)
0,56US Earthquake Black Oaks
(87.02km away [54.07 miles]) (1/29/2020 9:50:45 AM UTC -)
0,89US Earthquake Mercuryville
(81.80km away [50.83 miles]) (1/29/2020 9:36:59 AM UTC -)
1,18US Earthquake Castle Rock Springs
(76.15km away [47.32 miles]) (1/29/2020 9:21:03 AM UTC -)
0,41US Earthquake Castle Rock Springs
(81.83km away [50.85 miles]) (1/29/2020 6:20:44 AM UTC -)
0,56US Earthquake Black Oaks
(88.39km away [54.92 miles]) (1/29/2020 5:39:27 AM UTC -)

Cities near Lowell

US American Canyon0.66km away (0.41 miles)20 554 inhabitants
US Collins0.93km away (0.58 miles)
US Napa Junction1.50km away (0.93 miles)
US Lombard1.87km away (1.16 miles)
US Chabot Terrace3.06km away (1.90 miles)
US Flosden (historical)3.22km away (2.00 miles)
US Squab3.33km away (2.07 miles)
US Middleton3.72km away (2.31 miles)
US Flosden Acres4.21km away (2.61 miles)
US Harry Floyd Terrace5.18km away (3.22 miles)
US Creston5.80km away (3.61 miles)
US Brazos5.98km away (3.72 miles)
US Guadalcanal Village7.13km away (4.43 miles)
US Ratto Landing7.17km away (4.45 miles)
US Cuttings Wharf7.60km away (4.72 miles)
US Thompson7.65km away (4.75 miles)
US Vallejo7.80km away (4.84 miles)121 253 inhabitants
US Carneros (historical)7.80km away (4.85 miles)
US Sulphur Springs (historical)7.81km away (4.85 miles)
US Suscol8.24km away (5.12 miles)

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