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Earthquakes AR Los Patos

Informations about Los Patos

RegionSalta (17/66105)
CoordinatesLatitude : -24.2
Longitude : -66.26667
Time zoneAmerica/Argentina/Salta (GMT -3h)

Last earthquakes near Los Patos


10 last earthquakes around Los Patos

4,8AR Earthquake Catúa
(80.56km away [50.06 miles]) (2/27/2020 3:52:12 AM UTC -)
5,2AR Earthquake Salar de Pocitos
(74.98km away [46.59 miles]) (2/1/2020 2:35:57 AM UTC -)
5AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(74.50km away [46.29 miles]) (1/25/2020 7:22:59 PM UTC -)
4,5AR Earthquake Agua Blanca
(64.07km away [39.81 miles]) (1/22/2020 9:23:49 AM UTC -)
4,3AR Earthquake Siberia
(70.03km away [43.52 miles]) (1/18/2020 8:35:05 AM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Olaroz Chico
(101.94km away [63.34 miles]) (1/14/2020 10:41:30 AM UTC -)
4,4AR Earthquake Olaroz Chico
(95.91km away [59.60 miles]) (1/7/2020 4:26:41 PM UTC -)
4,4AR Earthquake Catúa
(85.17km away [52.92 miles]) (1/6/2020 9:21:17 PM UTC -)
4,2AR Earthquake Olaroz Chico
(104.11km away [64.69 miles]) (1/6/2020 5:18:03 AM UTC -)
4,6AR Earthquake Catúa
(81.68km away [50.76 miles]) (12/19/2019 6:36:40 PM UTC -)

Cities near Los Patos

AR San Antonio de los Cobres5.66km away (3.52 miles)4 000 inhabitants
AR Muñano8.76km away (5.44 miles)
AR Chorrillos14.81km away (9.20 miles)
AR Cachiñal21.05km away (13.08 miles)
AR Sepulturas24.18km away (15.02 miles)
AR Las Cuevas29.94km away (18.60 miles)
AR Incahuasi32.23km away (20.03 miles)
AR Sijes38.29km away (23.79 miles)
AR Santa Rosa de Tastil40.78km away (25.34 miles)2 000 inhabitants
AR Sey43.87km away (27.26 miles)
AR El Saladillo44.00km away (27.34 miles)
AR Cangrejillos49.62km away (30.84 miles)
AR Meseta50.27km away (31.24 miles)
AR Santa Rosa de Pastos Grandes51.81km away (32.19 miles)
AR Ojo de Huancar52.01km away (32.32 miles)
AR Las Capillas52.07km away (32.35 miles)
AR Tacuara52.26km away (32.47 miles)
AR El Trigal54.00km away (33.56 miles)
AR Puerta Tastil55.25km away (34.33 miles)
AR Aguadita55.73km away (34.63 miles)

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