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Earthquakes US Lone Star

Informations about Lone Star

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/021)
CoordinatesLatitude : 39.70932
Longitude : -122.80917
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Lone Star


10 last earthquakes around Lone Star

1,24US Earthquake Lone Star
(0.44km away [0.28 miles]) (9/6/2017 1:10:00 AM UTC -)
1,68US Earthquake Lone Star
(4.70km away [2.92 miles]) (7/14/2016 3:31:00 PM UTC -)
1,49US Earthquake Lone Star
(4.80km away [2.98 miles]) (10/17/2015 7:44:06 PM UTC -)
2,53US Earthquake Lone Star
(5.09km away [3.16 miles]) (10/17/2015 7:41:57 PM UTC -)
1,45US Earthquake Lone Star
(6.57km away [4.08 miles]) (11/11/2009 11:39:10 AM UTC -)
0,59US Earthquake Lone Star
(4.24km away [2.63 miles]) (6/30/2007 5:48:08 AM UTC -)
1,25US Earthquake Lone Star
(3.65km away [2.27 miles]) (9/22/2006 3:32:24 AM UTC -)
1,06US Earthquake Lone Star
(0.36km away [0.22 miles]) (7/1/2006 4:38:48 PM UTC -)
1,69US Earthquake Lone Star
(1.29km away [0.80 miles]) (6/16/2006 2:25:52 PM UTC -)
1,45US Earthquake Lone Star
(0.60km away [0.37 miles]) (6/15/2006 10:48:54 PM UTC -)

Cities near Lone Star

US Copper City1.52km away (0.94 miles)
US Jenks Place3.35km away (2.08 miles)
US Fiddlers Green8.33km away (5.17 miles)
US Keller Place8.47km away (5.26 miles)
US Reynolds Place (historical)9.16km away (5.69 miles)
US Hays Place9.44km away (5.87 miles)
US Alder Springs9.67km away (6.01 miles)
US Carpenter Place10.70km away (6.65 miles)
US O'Neil Place12.99km away (8.07 miles)
US Bredehoft Place13.82km away (8.59 miles)
US Meyers Place14.19km away (8.82 miles)
US Houghton Place15.44km away (9.60 miles)
US Sunnyside15.75km away (9.78 miles)
US Dogtown15.79km away (9.81 miles)
US Hardy Place15.85km away (9.85 miles)
US Bollinger Place16.11km away (10.01 miles)
US Whitlock Place16.85km away (10.47 miles)
US Peterson Place19.20km away (11.93 miles)
US Wilder Place19.98km away (12.42 miles)
US Four Pines20.66km away (12.84 miles)

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