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Earthquakes SB Loghahaja

Informations about Loghahaja

CountrySolomon Islands
CoordinatesLatitude : -8.09009
Longitude : 159.49354
Time zonePacific/Guadalcanal (GMT +11h)

Last earthquakes near Loghahaja


10 last earthquakes around Loghahaja

5,5SB Earthquake Furona
(69.26km away [43.04 miles]) (12/16/2019 4:46:47 PM UTC -)
4,6SB Earthquake Bolitei
(63.84km away [39.67 miles]) (11/3/2019 8:56:44 PM UTC -)
5,3SB Earthquake Banisokeo
(25.10km away [15.59 miles]) (8/25/2019 5:28:51 PM UTC -)
5SB Earthquake Monggo
(71.04km away [44.14 miles]) (7/28/2019 8:59:54 AM UTC -)
4,6SB Earthquake Suun
(130.61km away [81.16 miles]) (6/29/2019 5:14:30 PM UTC -)
5,5SB Earthquake Dedeu
(97.76km away [60.75 miles]) (5/27/2019 9:25:20 AM UTC -)
4,7SB Earthquake Putukora
(65.49km away [40.69 miles]) (5/21/2019 6:49:55 PM UTC -)
4,5SB Earthquake Putukora
(51.05km away [31.72 miles]) (3/11/2019 9:45:04 AM UTC -)
4,2SB Earthquake Furona
(91.39km away [56.79 miles]) (2/18/2019 1:25:05 PM UTC -)
4,5SB Earthquake Suun
(105.45km away [65.52 miles]) (11/15/2018 4:10:03 PM UTC -)

Cities near Loghahaja

SB Kukuduro1.62km away (1.01 miles)
SB Popoheo3.43km away (2.13 miles)
SB Hovukoilo3.50km away (2.17 miles)
SB Mogarege6.34km away (3.94 miles)
SB Gnulahaghe6.61km away (4.10 miles)
SB Kolomola6.83km away (4.25 miles)
SB Sorusitana6.86km away (4.26 miles)
SB Guguha6.89km away (4.28 miles)
SB Mifare7.84km away (4.87 miles)
SB Fupukuna7.90km away (4.91 miles)
SB Varanitu8.81km away (5.48 miles)
SB Kubolota9.39km away (5.83 miles)
SB Holebara10.66km away (6.63 miles)
SB Gukhuna11.39km away (7.07 miles)
SB Tafala12.12km away (7.53 miles)
SB Kologhodu12.14km away (7.55 miles)
SB Buala12.46km away (7.74 miles)2 700 inhabitants
SB Jejevo12.68km away (7.88 miles)
SB Seleo12.82km away (7.97 miles)
SB Seba13.33km away (8.28 miles)

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