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Earthquakes FR Lextrait

Informations about Lextrait

RegionAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes (84/15/152/15052)
CoordinatesLatitude : 45.19739
Longitude : 2.66326
Time zoneEurope/Paris (GMT +1h)

Last earthquakes near Lextrait


10 last earthquakes around Lextrait

1,5FR Quarry blast Les Terrasses
(96.29km away [59.83 miles]) (7/7/2020 8:14:41 AM UTC -)
1,8FR Quarry blast Saint-Flour
(38.28km away [23.79 miles]) (7/6/2020 9:57:09 AM UTC -)
1,8FR Earthquake Randan
(107.70km away [66.92 miles]) (7/4/2020 2:14:29 PM UTC -)
2,3FR Earthquake Brugheas
(109.34km away [67.94 miles]) (7/4/2020 4:22:23 AM UTC -)
2FR Earthquake Randan
(107.91km away [67.05 miles]) (7/4/2020 4:22:23 AM UTC -)
1,5FR Quarry blast Montjézieu
(90.98km away [56.53 miles]) (7/3/2020 10:07:39 AM UTC -)
1,1FR Quarry blast Nohanent
(74.75km away [46.45 miles]) (7/3/2020 9:57:26 AM UTC -)
1,4FR Quarry blast Peyrolles
(104.78km away [65.11 miles]) (7/3/2020 8:15:46 AM UTC -)
1,4FR Quarry blast Châteauneuf-les-Bains
(95.21km away [59.16 miles]) (7/2/2020 8:50:11 AM UTC -)
1,6FR Quarry blast Brugeilles
(45.79km away [28.45 miles]) (7/1/2020 10:23:29 AM UTC -)

Cities near Lextrait

FR La Bade0.73km away (0.45 miles)
FR Alberoche2.04km away (1.27 miles)
FR Vernet2.26km away (1.41 miles)
FR Collandres4.34km away (2.70 miles)226 inhabitants
FR Cheylade4.39km away (2.73 miles)341 inhabitants
FR Saint-Hippolyte4.56km away (2.83 miles)123 inhabitants
FR Fauroux5.41km away (3.36 miles)
FR Le Claux5.42km away (3.37 miles)218 inhabitants
FR Apchon6.23km away (3.87 miles)242 inhabitants
FR Le Falgoux6.42km away (3.99 miles)194 inhabitants
FR Recusset7.24km away (4.50 miles)
FR Pierre Besse7.55km away (4.69 miles)
FR Le Vaulmier7.58km away (4.71 miles)89 inhabitants
FR La Bastide8.03km away (4.99 miles)
FR Nastrat8.12km away (5.05 miles)
FR La Bussinie8.50km away (5.28 miles)
FR Peyre Grosse8.53km away (5.30 miles)
FR La Taphanel8.54km away (5.31 miles)
FR Marcombes9.17km away (5.70 miles)
FR Lavigerie9.31km away (5.79 miles)104 inhabitants

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