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Earthquakes US Lawrence

Informations about Lawrence

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/085)
CoordinatesLatitude : 37.36994
Longitude : -121.99579
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Lawrence


10 last earthquakes around Lawrence

1,5US Earthquake Paicines
(105.65km away [65.65 miles]) (1/8/2021 8:29:47 AM UTC -)
1,96US Earthquake Paicines
(103.77km away [64.48 miles]) (1/8/2021 2:59:50 AM UTC -)
1,84US Earthquake Paicines
(103.20km away [64.12 miles]) (1/7/2021 4:36:25 PM UTC -)
2,38US Earthquake Bancroft
(61.25km away [38.06 miles]) (1/7/2021 1:52:24 PM UTC -)
2,99US Earthquake East Foothills
(20.86km away [12.96 miles]) (1/7/2021 11:44:06 AM UTC -)
0,82US Earthquake Pinnacles
(108.53km away [67.44 miles]) (1/6/2021 11:49:33 PM UTC -)
0,92US Earthquake Vineyard (historical)
(88.73km away [55.14 miles]) (1/6/2021 3:53:33 PM UTC -)
2,01US Earthquake Pinnacles
(110.02km away [68.36 miles]) (1/6/2021 1:14:18 PM UTC -)
1,87US Earthquake Four Corners
(66.96km away [41.61 miles]) (1/6/2021 11:33:12 AM UTC -)
1,76US Earthquake Pinnacles
(110.13km away [68.43 miles]) (1/6/2021 10:03:15 AM UTC -)

Cities near Lawrence

US Ranchero Thunderbird Mobile Home Court1.64km away (1.02 miles)
US Rancho la Mesa Mobile Home Court1.83km away (1.13 miles)
US Aloha Mobile Village2.36km away (1.47 miles)
US Roundup Trailer Lodge3.44km away (2.14 miles)
US Sunnyvale3.59km away (2.23 miles)151 754 inhabitants
US Garden Court Mobile Home Village3.60km away (2.24 miles)
US Santa Clara4.00km away (2.48 miles)126 215 inhabitants
US Agnew4.25km away (2.64 miles)
US Santa Clara Trailer Village4.29km away (2.67 miles)
US Meridian5.71km away (3.55 miles)
US Cuernavaca5.90km away (3.67 miles)
US Sylvan Park5.99km away (3.72 miles)
US San Jose Mobile Home Park6.11km away (3.80 miles)
US Cupertino6.14km away (3.81 miles)60 572 inhabitants
US Rancho Rinconada6.16km away (3.82 miles)
US Alviso6.51km away (4.04 miles)
US Waverly Park6.68km away (4.15 miles)
US Mobile Parks West Mobile Home Park6.83km away (4.24 miles)
US Winchester Ranch Mobile Home Park6.87km away (4.27 miles)
US Monta Vista7.61km away (4.73 miles)

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