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Earthquakes NZ Langridge

Informations about Langridge

CountryNew Zealand
RegionMarlborough (F4/053)
CoordinatesLatitude : -41.98333
Longitude : 173.41667
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Langridge


10 last earthquakes around Langridge

1,61NZ Earthquake Langridge
(19.79km away [12.30 miles]) (4/1/2021 11:44:13 AM UTC -)
2,73NZ Earthquake Langridge
(9.27km away [5.76 miles]) (3/6/2021 8:27:12 AM UTC -)
1,85NZ Earthquake Langridge
(22.33km away [13.88 miles]) (2/26/2021 8:55:08 PM UTC -)
1,98NZ Earthquake Langridge
(21.53km away [13.38 miles]) (9/21/2020 6:30:55 PM UTC -)
1,74NZ Earthquake Langridge
(16.81km away [10.44 miles]) (8/1/2020 9:53:58 AM UTC -)
1,89NZ Earthquake Langridge
(19.09km away [11.86 miles]) (7/29/2020 9:20:06 PM UTC -)
2,08NZ Earthquake Langridge
(21.79km away [13.54 miles]) (5/23/2020 2:32:28 PM UTC -)
3,66NZ Earthquake Langridge
(18.60km away [11.56 miles]) (5/3/2020 8:39:09 PM UTC -)
1,84NZ Earthquake Langridge
(18.81km away [11.69 miles]) (3/12/2020 11:40:34 AM UTC -)
1,69NZ Earthquake Langridge
(20.23km away [12.57 miles]) (3/9/2020 3:17:24 AM UTC -)

Cities near Langridge

NZ Upcot16.63km away (10.33 miles)
NZ Molesworth17.71km away (11.01 miles)
NZ Glenlee18.83km away (11.70 miles)
NZ Camden26.61km away (16.54 miles)
NZ Awapiri31.10km away (19.32 miles)
NZ Jordan34.43km away (21.39 miles)
NZ Avondale37.92km away (23.56 miles)
NZ Birch Hill38.72km away (24.06 miles)
NZ Welds Hill42.25km away (26.26 miles)
NZ Hillersden42.69km away (26.53 miles)
NZ Mangamaunu44.42km away (27.60 miles)
NZ Mahunga44.55km away (27.68 miles)
NZ Hapuku46.09km away (28.64 miles)
NZ Altimarlock46.54km away (28.92 miles)
NZ Te Rou46.57km away (28.94 miles)
NZ Kaikoura Flat46.88km away (29.13 miles)
NZ Clarence47.32km away (29.40 miles)
NZ Wairau Valley47.38km away (29.44 miles)
NZ Charwell Forks48.41km away (30.08 miles)
NZ Kaikoura Suburban48.51km away (30.14 miles)

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