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Earthquakes NZ Jacksons

Informations about Jacksons

CountryNew Zealand
RegionWest Coast (G3/057)
CoordinatesLatitude : -42.75
Longitude : 171.51667
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Alternative names for Jacksons

  • Jackson

Last earthquakes near Jacksons


10 last earthquakes around Jacksons

2,29NZ Earthquake Jacksons
(3.27km away [2.03 miles]) (2/15/2018 1:06:28 AM UTC -)
1,75NZ Earthquake Arthur’s Pass
(19.19km away [11.92 miles]) (12/12/2019 1:52:25 AM UTC -)
1,79NZ Earthquake Weedons
(115.33km away [71.66 miles]) (12/11/2019 8:47:38 AM UTC -)
1,91NZ Earthquake Aoraki Mount Cook
(132.04km away [82.05 miles]) (12/11/2019 4:46:01 AM UTC -)
2,1NZ Earthquake Alford Forest
(94.97km away [59.01 miles]) (12/10/2019 10:25:35 PM UTC -)
2,17NZ Earthquake Alford Forest
(95.64km away [59.43 miles]) (12/10/2019 8:19:19 PM UTC -)
2,37NZ Earthquake Weedons
(116.90km away [72.64 miles]) (12/10/2019 5:53:16 PM UTC -)
3,04NZ Earthquake Charing Cross
(99.74km away [61.98 miles]) (12/10/2019 2:40:45 PM UTC -)
1,83NZ Earthquake Alford Forest
(95.28km away [59.21 miles]) (12/10/2019 4:43:20 AM UTC -)
2,15NZ Earthquake Pukekura
(71.72km away [44.56 miles]) (12/9/2019 11:37:51 PM UTC -)

Cities near Jacksons

NZ Inchbonnie4.49km away (2.79 miles)
NZ Poerua5.73km away (3.56 miles)
NZ Aickens8.97km away (5.58 miles)
NZ Otira9.76km away (6.07 miles)
NZ Rotomanu11.21km away (6.97 miles)
NZ Te Kinga13.06km away (8.11 miles)
NZ Wainihinihi15.10km away (9.38 miles)
NZ Turiwhate17.81km away (11.07 miles)
NZ Ruru18.60km away (11.56 miles)
NZ Moana19.00km away (11.81 miles)
NZ Hohonu21.75km away (13.52 miles)
NZ Arthur’s Pass22.63km away (14.06 miles)930 inhabitants
NZ Kotuku22.64km away (14.07 miles)
NZ Taramakau23.04km away (14.32 miles)
NZ Bell Hill23.29km away (14.47 miles)
NZ Greenstone24.23km away (15.06 miles)
NZ Kaimata27.68km away (17.20 miles)
NZ Kokiri29.90km away (18.58 miles)
NZ Kumara30.69km away (19.07 miles)
NZ Lake Kaniere31.81km away (19.77 miles)

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