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Earthquakes GL Igdlúnguaq

Informations about Igdlúnguaq

RegionQaasuitsup (05)
CoordinatesLatitude : 70.66667
Longitude : -51.91667
Time zoneAmerica/Godthab (GMT -3h)

Alternative names for Igdlúnguaq

  • Qitdlôrfik

Last earthquakes near Igdlúnguaq


10 last earthquakes around Igdlúnguaq

Cities near Igdlúnguaq

GL Uummannaq7.78km away (4.83 miles)1 299 inhabitants
GL Sermiarsuit13.03km away (8.10 miles)
GL Uummannatsiaq14.08km away (8.75 miles)
GL Umiartorfik16.71km away (10.38 miles)
GL Saattut19.20km away (11.93 miles)211 inhabitants
GL Qaarsut27.98km away (17.39 miles)204 inhabitants
GL Uummannatsiaq28.25km away (17.55 miles)
GL Ikerasak29.22km away (18.16 miles)286 inhabitants
GL Appat29.30km away (18.20 miles)
GL Qeqertat37.30km away (23.18 miles)
GL Akuliaruseq40.86km away (25.39 miles)
GL Ukkusissat42.64km away (26.50 miles)195 inhabitants
GL Ataa56.03km away (34.82 miles)
GL Maarmorilik56.84km away (35.32 miles)50 inhabitants
GL Niaqornat65.64km away (40.79 miles)60 inhabitants
GL Kangerup Nûa70.53km away (43.83 miles)
GL Tartunaq71.39km away (44.36 miles)
GL Saqqaq72.37km away (44.97 miles)169 inhabitants
GL Qullissat76.86km away (47.76 miles)
GL Qeqertaq77.98km away (48.45 miles)154 inhabitants

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