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Earthquakes US Honolulu Landing (historical)

Informations about Honolulu Landing (historical)

CountryUnited States of America
RegionHawaii (HI/001)
CoordinatesLatitude : 19.5555
Longitude : -154.87985
Time zonePacific/Honolulu (GMT -10h)

Last earthquakes near Honolulu Landing (historical)


10 last earthquakes around Honolulu Landing (historical)

2,46US Earthquake Honolulu Landing (historical)
(1.47km away [0.92 miles]) (5/13/2018 6:10:55 AM UTC -)
2,01US Earthquake Honolulu Landing (historical)
(2.02km away [1.26 miles]) (5/11/2018 11:14:17 PM UTC -)
2,27999997US Earthquake Pāhala
(64.25km away [39.92 miles]) (9/18/2020 10:47:41 AM UTC -)
1,75999999US Earthquake Punalu‘u
(78.43km away [48.74 miles]) (9/18/2020 8:15:57 AM UTC -)
2,22US Earthquake Pāhala
(65.38km away [40.62 miles]) (9/18/2020 8:04:56 AM UTC -)
1,90999997US Earthquake Pāhala
(72.36km away [44.96 miles]) (9/18/2020 7:29:44 AM UTC -)
2,83US Earthquake Pāhala
(65.51km away [40.71 miles]) (9/18/2020 6:54:40 AM UTC -)
1,78US Earthquake Pāhala
(75.15km away [46.70 miles]) (9/18/2020 3:20:51 AM UTC -)
1,99000001US Earthquake Pāhala
(66.59km away [41.37 miles]) (9/18/2020 3:16:46 AM UTC -)
2,03999996US Earthquake Pāhala
(72.57km away [45.09 miles]) (9/18/2020 2:42:43 AM UTC -)

Cities near Honolulu Landing (historical)

US Waiakahiula (historical)1.08km away (0.67 miles)
US Hawai‘i Beaches Estates1.73km away (1.07 miles)
US Hawaiian Beaches4.02km away (2.50 miles)4 280 inhabitants
US Koae (historical)5.26km away (3.27 miles)
US Nanawale Estates6.45km away (4.01 miles)1 426 inhabitants
US Nanawale Estates6.45km away (4.01 miles)1 426 inhabitants
US Kapoho6.90km away (4.29 miles)
US Vacationland Hawaii8.98km away (5.58 miles)
US Kaniahiku Village9.06km away (5.63 miles)
US Pāhoa9.62km away (5.98 miles)945 inhabitants
US Leilani Estates10.34km away (6.43 miles)1 560 inhabitants
US Leilani Estates10.55km away (6.56 miles)1 560 inhabitants
US Hawaiian Paradise Park10.64km away (6.61 miles)11 404 inhabitants
US Pualaa10.82km away (6.72 miles)
US Pohoiki11.50km away (7.15 miles)
US Ainaloa12.29km away (7.64 miles)2 965 inhabitants
US Kaueleau12.78km away (7.94 miles)
US Opihikao14.19km away (8.82 miles)
US Orchidlands Estates14.22km away (8.83 miles)2 815 inhabitants
US Waipāhoehoe14.29km away (8.88 miles)

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