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Earthquakes NZ Hawkins

Informations about Hawkins

CountryNew Zealand
RegionCanterbury (E9/062)
CoordinatesLatitude : -43.48333
Longitude : 172.03333
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Hawkins


10 last earthquakes around Hawkins

1,46NZ Earthquake Hawkins
(4.07km away [2.53 miles]) (3/10/2018 7:22:54 AM UTC -)
1,68NZ Earthquake Hawkins
(3.70km away [2.30 miles]) (10/9/2017 11:41:03 AM UTC -)
2,09NZ Earthquake Cashmere Hills
(48.72km away [30.27 miles]) (9/26/2020 3:39:18 AM UTC -)
1,56NZ Earthquake Glenroy
(19.73km away [12.26 miles]) (9/25/2020 7:59:34 AM UTC -)
2,72NZ Earthquake Aickens
(89.61km away [55.68 miles]) (9/25/2020 4:29:47 AM UTC -)
1,83NZ Earthquake Fergusons
(88.84km away [55.20 miles]) (9/24/2020 7:58:34 PM UTC -)
2,11NZ Earthquake Masons Flat
(82.35km away [51.17 miles]) (9/23/2020 6:12:16 AM UTC -)
2,04NZ Earthquake Charing Cross
(10.72km away [6.66 miles]) (9/23/2020 6:01:56 AM UTC -)
2,18NZ Earthquake Castle Hill
(47.50km away [29.51 miles]) (9/22/2020 9:53:35 PM UTC -)
1,62NZ Earthquake Cass
(58.54km away [36.38 miles]) (9/20/2020 4:42:07 PM UTC -)

Cities near Hawkins

NZ Coalgate5.38km away (3.35 miles)
NZ Darfield6.73km away (4.18 miles)1 593 inhabitants
NZ Glentunnel8.08km away (5.02 miles)
NZ Hororata8.73km away (5.43 miles)
NZ Waddington9.28km away (5.76 miles)
NZ Whitecliffs10.93km away (6.79 miles)
NZ South Malvern10.93km away (6.79 miles)
NZ Sheffield11.21km away (6.97 miles)
NZ Annat11.45km away (7.12 miles)
NZ Charing Cross11.99km away (7.45 miles)
NZ Courtenay13.97km away (8.68 miles)
NZ Kirwee14.92km away (9.27 miles)
NZ Bexley15.08km away (9.37 miles)
NZ Glenroy16.57km away (10.30 miles)
NZ Springfield19.18km away (11.92 miles)
NZ Aylesbury19.64km away (12.21 miles)
NZ Te Pirita21.49km away (13.35 miles)
NZ Halkett21.54km away (13.38 miles)
NZ Kowai Bush22.48km away (13.97 miles)
NZ Coopers Creek22.91km away (14.23 miles)

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