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5,2ZZEarthquakeSouth Sandwich Islands region
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4,94ZZEarthquake1445 km north-east of Whangarei
4,5FREarthquake Seythenex

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1,23USEarthquake San Pasqual
3,5USEarthquake Old Christian Place
0,98USEarthquake Redlands Heights
0,86USEarthquake Black Oaks
1USEarthquake Cape Yakataga

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Earthquakes US Hawaiian Ocean View

Informations about Hawaiian Ocean View

CountryUnited States of America
RegionHawaii (HI/001)
CoordinatesLatitude : 19.06861
Longitude : -155.765
Population4 437 inhabitants
Time zonePacific/Honolulu (GMT -10h)

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Last earthquakes near Hawaiian Ocean View


10 last earthquakes around Hawaiian Ocean View

2,11US Earthquake Hawaiian Ocean View
(7.27km away [4.52 miles]) (11/18/2019 1:53:59 AM UTC -)
1,99US Earthquake Pāhala
(42.24km away [26.25 miles]) (3/12/2022 8:30:20 PM UTC -)
1,82000005US Earthquake Punalu‘u
(41.48km away [25.77 miles]) (3/12/2022 7:56:34 PM UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake ‘Ainapō
(51.33km away [31.89 miles]) (3/12/2022 7:25:24 PM UTC -)
1,87US Earthquake Punalu‘u
(28.83km away [17.92 miles]) (3/12/2022 7:07:33 PM UTC -)
1,93US Earthquake Pāhala
(31.31km away [19.45 miles]) (3/12/2022 7:04:28 PM UTC -)
2,31US Earthquake Pāhala
(43.24km away [26.87 miles]) (3/12/2022 4:14:39 PM UTC -)
1,85000002US Earthquake Pāhala
(37.08km away [23.04 miles]) (3/12/2022 2:13:58 PM UTC -)
1,82000005US Earthquake Pāhala
(41.54km away [25.81 miles]) (3/12/2022 1:06:38 PM UTC -)
3,25US Earthquake Pāhala
(42.60km away [26.47 miles]) (3/12/2022 12:27:51 PM UTC -)

Cities near Hawaiian Ocean View

US Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos1.88km away (1.17 miles)
US Country Garden Estates3.80km away (2.36 miles)
US Kona South Estates4.52km away (2.81 miles)
US Hawaiian Ocean View Estates4.92km away (3.06 miles)
US Discovery Harbor14.27km away (8.87 miles)
US Manukā (historical)14.27km away (8.87 miles)
US Wai‘ōhinu15.89km away (9.87 miles)213 inhabitants
US Kipuka Nahuaopala (historical)16.04km away (9.97 miles)
US Napumaia (historical)16.50km away (10.25 miles)
US Niu‘o‘u (historical)17.10km away (10.62 miles)
US Kapu‘a (historical)17.37km away (10.79 miles)
US Okoe (historical)17.80km away (11.06 miles)
US Pāpā (historical)18.46km away (11.47 miles)
US Naalehu19.48km away (12.10 miles)866 inhabitants
US Miloli‘i19.75km away (12.27 miles)
US Pāpā Bay Estates19.99km away (12.42 miles)
US Waikapuna20.20km away (12.55 miles)
US Hoʻōpūloa20.43km away (12.69 miles)
US Honu‘apo22.87km away (14.21 miles)
US Hīlea25.47km away (15.83 miles)

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