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Earthquakes DE Hausen im Killertal

Informations about Hausen im Killertal

RegionBaden-Württemberg (01/084/08417/08417013)
CoordinatesLatitude : 48.2922
Longitude : 9.06494
Time zoneEurope/Berlin (GMT +1h)

Alternative names for Hausen im Killertal

  • Hausen

Last earthquakes near Hausen im Killertal


10 last earthquakes around Hausen im Killertal

1,2DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(1.71km away [1.06 miles]) (5/19/2013 3:43:17 PM UTC -)
1,2DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(1.71km away [1.06 miles]) (5/19/2013 3:43:17 PM UTC -)
3DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(2.29km away [1.42 miles]) (3/2/2010 6:16:39 PM UTC -)
3DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(2.29km away [1.42 miles]) (3/2/2010 6:16:39 PM UTC -)
2,2DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(2.62km away [1.63 miles]) (6/15/2002 3:59:56 AM UTC -)
1,5DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(0.44km away [0.27 miles]) (1/27/2000 11:01:45 PM UTC -)
DE Earthquake Hausen im Killertal
(0.15km away [0.10 miles]) (1/25/1975 11:52:40 PM UTC -)
1,4DE Quarry blast Bad Urach
(33.88km away [21.05 miles]) (11/21/2019 2:08:05 PM UTC -)
1,8DE Quarry blast Beffendorf
(40.36km away [25.08 miles]) (11/21/2019 12:43:11 PM UTC -)
2,5DE Quarry blast Wessingen
(10.97km away [6.82 miles]) (11/21/2019 10:35:18 AM UTC -)

Cities near Hausen im Killertal

DE Starzeln1.40km away (0.87 miles)
DE Killer2.49km away (1.55 miles)
DE Herrmannsdorf2.89km away (1.79 miles)
DE Burladingen3.55km away (2.21 miles)13 131 inhabitants
DE Neuweiler3.56km away (2.21 miles)
DE Jungingen4.35km away (2.70 miles)1 469 inhabitants
DE Ringingen4.49km away (2.79 miles)
DE Küche4.77km away (2.96 miles)
DE Onstmettingen4.94km away (3.07 miles)
DE Tailfingen5.68km away (3.53 miles)
DE Bitz5.71km away (3.55 miles)3 792 inhabitants
DE Schlatt6.46km away (4.02 miles)
DE Truchtelfingen6.62km away (4.11 miles)
DE Boll7.16km away (4.45 miles)
DE Freudenweiler7.32km away (4.55 miles)
DE Gauselfingen7.85km away (4.88 miles)
DE Beuren8.32km away (5.17 miles)
DE Salmendingen8.48km away (5.27 miles)
DE Pfeffingen8.51km away (5.29 miles)
DE Stetten bei Hechingen8.66km away (5.38 miles)

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