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Earthquakes US Harts Place

Informations about Harts Place

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/029)
CoordinatesLatitude : 35.50079
Longitude : -117.94868
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Last earthquakes near Harts Place


10 last earthquakes around Harts Place

0,75US Earthquake Harts Place
(2.38km away [1.48 miles]) (6/28/2017 10:20:10 AM UTC -)
0,71US Earthquake Harts Place
(1.94km away [1.21 miles]) (11/5/2008 9:01:12 AM UTC -)
0,79US Earthquake Harts Place
(8.51km away [5.29 miles]) (7/21/2005 7:53:52 AM UTC -)
1,4US Earthquake Harts Place
(5.28km away [3.28 miles]) (8/8/2004 12:40:48 PM UTC -)
1,7US Earthquake Harts Place
(2.50km away [1.55 miles]) (4/20/1983 12:05:31 AM UTC -)
1,95US Earthquake Harts Place
(5.84km away [3.63 miles]) (1/3/1981 7:50:10 PM UTC -)
2,4US Earthquake Harts Place
(8.85km away [5.50 miles]) (7/11/1970 6:11:16 AM UTC -)
2,64US Earthquake Harts Place
(7.27km away [4.52 miles]) (4/27/1951 12:31:37 AM UTC -)
0,89US Earthquake Ridgecrest
(35.12km away [21.82 miles]) (8/6/2020 11:55:26 AM UTC -)
1,26US Earthquake Caswell
(118.53km away [73.65 miles]) (8/6/2020 11:20:19 AM UTC -)

Cities near Harts Place

US Little Dixie (historical)4.87km away (3.03 miles)
US Armistead5.56km away (3.46 miles)
US Ricardo14.60km away (9.07 miles)
US Saltdale16.71km away (10.39 miles)
US Ceneda16.95km away (10.53 miles)
US Terese (historical)17.02km away (10.58 miles)
US Redrock (historical)17.43km away (10.83 miles)
US Old Garlock17.87km away (11.10 miles)
US Garlock18.07km away (11.23 miles)
US Gypsite18.96km away (11.78 miles)
US Indian Wells19.54km away (12.14 miles)
US Goler Heights20.14km away (12.52 miles)
US Inyokern20.41km away (12.68 miles)1 099 inhabitants
US Cantil21.44km away (13.32 miles)
US China Lake Acres22.84km away (14.19 miles)1 876 inhabitants
US Bradys23.56km away (14.64 miles)
US Sageland24.03km away (14.93 miles)
US Rancho Seco24.53km away (15.24 miles)
US Rand24.83km away (15.43 miles)
US Leliter (historical)25.68km away (15.96 miles)

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