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Earthquakes MX Guatal

Informations about Guatal

RegionBaja California (02/001)
CoordinatesLatitude : 32.05
Longitude : -116.23333
Time zoneAmerica/Tijuana (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Guatal


10 last earthquakes around Guatal

1,57MX Earthquake Guatal
(2.05km away [1.27 miles]) (9/13/2020 10:56:49 AM UTC -)
1,63MX Earthquake Guatal
(0.27km away [0.17 miles]) (8/1/2020 6:26:27 AM UTC -)
1,71MX Earthquake Guatal
(3.14km away [1.95 miles]) (10/7/2019 9:46:17 AM UTC -)
2,1MX Earthquake Guatal
(1.00km away [0.62 miles]) (6/17/2019 6:05:36 AM UTC -)
1,97MX Earthquake Guatal
(3.20km away [1.99 miles]) (7/31/2018 9:08:17 AM UTC -)
2,55MX Earthquake Guatal
(4.41km away [2.74 miles]) (7/18/2017 7:50:23 AM UTC -)
2,4MX Earthquake Guatal
(0.98km away [0.61 miles]) (11/22/2014 1:14:45 AM UTC -)
2,28MX Earthquake Guatal
(1.29km away [0.80 miles]) (11/5/2014 5:16:19 AM UTC -)
2,43MX Earthquake Guatal
(2.07km away [1.28 miles]) (7/6/2014 6:39:40 PM UTC -)
2,26MX Earthquake Guatal
(3.54km away [2.20 miles]) (7/24/2011 3:46:37 AM UTC -)

Cities near Guatal

MX El Campito6.37km away (3.96 miles)
MX La Calabaza6.38km away (3.96 miles)
MX San Timoteo6.50km away (4.04 miles)
MX Agua Caliente7.27km away (4.52 miles)
MX Burro7.59km away (4.71 miles)
MX El Ranchito8.85km away (5.50 miles)
MX Tres Estrellas9.04km away (5.62 miles)4 inhabitants
MX Agua de Cruz9.14km away (5.68 miles)
MX Mata Cuervo9.23km away (5.74 miles)1 inhabitants
MX La Laguna9.55km away (5.93 miles)7 inhabitants
MX La Cremería9.63km away (5.98 miles)
MX Las Manzanas10.11km away (6.28 miles)5 inhabitants
MX Muñoz10.17km away (6.32 miles)5 inhabitants
MX El Ranchito10.20km away (6.34 miles)
MX La Rosa de Castilla10.27km away (6.38 miles)
MX Las Delicias10.29km away (6.39 miles)11 inhabitants
MX Rancho Jiménez10.53km away (6.55 miles)8 inhabitants
MX Chaparral10.54km away (6.55 miles)
MX Rancho Yorba10.58km away (6.57 miles)1 inhabitants
MX Jamilai10.61km away (6.59 miles)

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