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Earthquakes US Glen Avon

Informations about Glen Avon

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/065)
CoordinatesLatitude : 34.01168
Longitude : -117.48477
Population20 199 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

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Alternative names for Glen Avon

  • Glen Avon Heights
  • Glenavon
  • West Riverside
  • English : Glen Avon

Last earthquakes near Glen Avon


10 last earthquakes around Glen Avon

0,92US Quarry blast Glen Avon
(1.46km away [0.91 miles]) (11/26/2019 4:15:09 PM UTC -)
0,87US Quarry blast Glen Avon
(1.56km away [0.97 miles]) (9/10/2019 3:11:08 PM UTC -)
1,03US Earthquake Glen Avon
(2.02km away [1.26 miles]) (7/26/2019 3:34:34 PM UTC -)
0,76US Earthquake Glen Avon
(1.77km away [1.10 miles]) (7/20/2019 11:18:32 AM UTC -)
1,28US Earthquake Glen Avon
(0.91km away [0.57 miles]) (3/15/2019 3:11:45 AM UTC -)
1,13US Quarry blast Glen Avon
(1.98km away [1.23 miles]) (9/14/2018 5:15:24 PM UTC -)
1,12US Quarry blast Glen Avon
(2.16km away [1.34 miles]) (4/3/2018 9:54:17 PM UTC -)
2,13US Earthquake Glen Avon
(0.88km away [0.55 miles]) (1/31/2018 4:03:11 PM UTC -)
0,95US Quarry blast Glen Avon
(1.99km away [1.24 miles]) (10/4/2017 5:33:38 PM UTC -)
0,81US Earthquake Glen Avon
(0.88km away [0.55 miles]) (3/16/2017 6:22:57 AM UTC -)

Cities near Glen Avon

US Henshaw2.24km away (1.39 miles)
US Bly2.32km away (1.44 miles)
US Southridge Village3.27km away (2.03 miles)
US Mira Loma3.62km away (2.25 miles)21 930 inhabitants
US Declezville3.66km away (2.28 miles)
US Stalder3.84km away (2.39 miles)
US De Anza Village3.89km away (2.42 miles)
US Pedley4.13km away (2.57 miles)12 672 inhabitants
US Sunnyslope4.74km away (2.95 miles)5 153 inhabitants
US Ennis5.11km away (3.17 miles)
US South Fontana5.70km away (3.54 miles)
US Declez5.97km away (3.71 miles)
US Ormand6.13km away (3.81 miles)
US San Sevaine (historical)6.32km away (3.93 miles)
US Etiwa (historical)6.94km away (4.31 miles)
US Rubidoux7.51km away (4.67 miles)34 280 inhabitants
US La Sierra Heights7.52km away (4.67 miles)
US Ailsa (historical)7.62km away (4.73 miles)
US Champagne7.68km away (4.77 miles)
US Arlanza7.87km away (4.89 miles)

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