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Earthquakes US Fremont

Informations about Fremont

CountryUnited States of America
RegionCalifornia (CA/071)
CoordinatesLatitude : 35.19164
Longitude : -117.57672
Time zoneAmerica/Los Angeles (GMT -8h)

Last earthquakes near Fremont


10 last earthquakes around Fremont

1,69US Earthquake Fremont
(7.67km away [4.76 miles]) (3/21/2020 3:18:28 PM UTC -)
1,59US Earthquake Fremont
(14.06km away [8.74 miles]) (2/25/2020 5:16:42 AM UTC -)
1,49US Earthquake Fremont
(8.95km away [5.56 miles]) (2/9/2020 1:58:55 PM UTC -)
2,39US Earthquake Fremont
(11.14km away [6.92 miles]) (7/11/2019 2:48:16 PM UTC -)
1,24US Earthquake Fremont
(16.88km away [10.49 miles]) (7/9/2019 8:54:12 AM UTC -)
2,86US Earthquake Fremont
(13.30km away [8.27 miles]) (7/6/2019 6:47:57 PM UTC -)
0,61US Earthquake Fremont
(17.45km away [10.85 miles]) (3/18/2019 1:01:07 PM UTC -)
1,39US Earthquake Fremont
(12.91km away [8.02 miles]) (11/22/2018 1:48:06 PM UTC -)
1,34US Earthquake Fremont
(17.41km away [10.82 miles]) (9/4/2018 8:15:30 AM UTC -)
1,97US Earthquake Fremont
(17.83km away [11.08 miles]) (5/2/2018 9:48:48 PM UTC -)

Cities near Fremont

US Saint Elmo (historical)12.54km away (7.79 miles)
US Atolia14.01km away (8.71 miles)
US Baker18.58km away (11.54 miles)
US Red Mountain18.91km away (11.75 miles)
US West Baker (historical)19.62km away (12.19 miles)
US Johannesburg20.84km away (12.95 miles)172 inhabitants
US Randsburg21.04km away (13.07 miles)69 inhabitants
US Kramer21.97km away (13.65 miles)
US Kramer Junction22.40km away (13.92 miles)
US Boron22.41km away (13.92 miles)2 253 inhabitants
US Aerial Acres22.76km away (14.14 miles)
US Desert Lake23.82km away (14.80 miles)
US Jimgrey25.89km away (16.09 miles)
US Silt26.54km away (16.49 miles)
US Rich27.62km away (17.16 miles)
US Rand27.71km away (17.22 miles)
US Teagle (historical)27.84km away (17.30 miles)
US Lockhart29.82km away (18.53 miles)
US North Muroc (historical)30.31km away (18.83 miles)
US Goler Heights30.36km away (18.87 miles)

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