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Earthquakes US Freedom

Informations about Freedom

CountryUnited States of America
RegionOklahoma (OK/151)
CoordinatesLatitude : 36.76892
Longitude : -99.11288
Population307 inhabitants
Time zoneAmerica/Chicago (GMT -6h)

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Last earthquakes near Freedom


10 last earthquakes around Freedom

2,3US Earthquake Freedom
(13.88km away [8.63 miles]) (3/15/2020 8:38:34 PM UTC -)
1,05US Earthquake Freedom
(11.55km away [7.18 miles]) (11/15/2019 10:43:35 AM UTC -)
2,7US Earthquake Freedom
(16.10km away [10.00 miles]) (5/19/2018 6:40:55 AM UTC -)
2,6US Earthquake Freedom
(15.87km away [9.86 miles]) (4/1/2018 9:26:19 PM UTC -)
2,3US Earthquake Freedom
(16.82km away [10.45 miles]) (1/20/2018 6:13:16 PM UTC -)
2,5US Earthquake Freedom
(18.17km away [11.29 miles]) (12/5/2017 6:04:38 AM UTC -)
3US Earthquake Freedom
(15.88km away [9.87 miles]) (12/1/2017 2:44:03 AM UTC -)
3,3US Earthquake Freedom
(11.68km away [7.26 miles]) (3/3/2017 2:38:27 AM UTC -)
2,52US Earthquake Ames
(95.55km away [59.37 miles]) (9/26/2020 8:36:51 PM UTC -)
0,64US Earthquake Togo
(47.21km away [29.34 miles]) (9/25/2020 8:44:44 AM UTC -)

Cities near Freedom

US Fairvalley8.71km away (5.41 miles)
US Edith9.54km away (5.93 miles)
US Tegarden13.13km away (8.16 miles)
US Plainview13.98km away (8.69 miles)
US Cora17.75km away (11.03 miles)
US Waynoka29.41km away (18.27 miles)966 inhabitants
US Avard29.93km away (18.60 miles)24 inhabitants
US Heman30.09km away (18.70 miles)
US Belva32.48km away (20.18 miles)
US Selman33.91km away (21.07 miles)
US Winchester35.06km away (21.79 miles)
US Noel35.12km away (21.83 miles)
US Quinlan35.52km away (22.07 miles)22 inhabitants
US Curtis36.80km away (22.87 miles)
US Aetna37.52km away (23.31 miles)
US Mooreland37.61km away (23.37 miles)1 282 inhabitants
US Alva39.94km away (24.82 miles)5 180 inhabitants
US Alston40.30km away (25.04 miles)
US Hopeton40.88km away (25.40 miles)
US Buttermilk41.70km away (25.91 miles)

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