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Earthquakes NZ Fordell

Informations about Fordell

CountryNew Zealand
RegionManawatu-Wanganui (F3/037)
CoordinatesLatitude : -39.96667
Longitude : 175.2
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Fordell


10 last earthquakes around Fordell

1,66NZ Earthquake Fordell
(2.67km away [1.66 miles]) (9/19/2019 7:54:02 AM UTC -)
2,02NZ Earthquake Fordell
(1.50km away [0.93 miles]) (2/16/2019 11:16:13 AM UTC -)
2,32NZ Earthquake Fordell
(3.40km away [2.11 miles]) (2/16/2019 8:08:29 AM UTC -)
2,1NZ Earthquake Fordell
(5.41km away [3.36 miles]) (2/12/2019 10:00:55 AM UTC -)
2,1NZ Earthquake Fordell
(2.65km away [1.65 miles]) (5/27/2018 3:14:59 AM UTC -)
1,87NZ Earthquake Fordell
(4.77km away [2.97 miles]) (1/23/2018 9:07:43 PM UTC -)
3,51NZ Earthquake Fordell
(3.10km away [1.93 miles]) (11/3/2017 2:02:21 PM UTC -)
2,04NZ Earthquake Castlecliff
(27.76km away [17.25 miles]) (9/21/2019 10:36:43 PM UTC -)
0,68NZ Earthquake Erua
(84.05km away [52.23 miles]) (9/21/2019 10:09:16 PM UTC -)
0,5NZ Earthquake Erua
(83.30km away [51.76 miles]) (9/21/2019 9:24:56 PM UTC -)

Cities near Fordell

NZ Whangaehu5.27km away (3.27 miles)
NZ Okoia6.79km away (4.22 miles)
NZ Kauangaroa8.50km away (5.28 miles)
NZ Ratana8.52km away (5.29 miles)437 inhabitants
NZ Wiritoa8.53km away (5.30 miles)
NZ Turakina9.03km away (5.61 miles)
NZ Turakina South9.57km away (5.95 miles)
NZ Durie Hill12.01km away (7.46 miles)
NZ Upokongaro12.50km away (7.77 miles)
NZ Bastia Hill12.67km away (7.87 miles)
NZ Wanganui East13.04km away (8.10 miles)
NZ Makirikiri13.21km away (8.21 miles)
NZ Wanganui13.33km away (8.28 miles)40 268 inhabitants
NZ Gonville13.52km away (8.40 miles)
NZ Aramoho13.61km away (8.46 miles)
NZ Saint Johns Hill14.98km away (9.31 miles)
NZ Springvale15.68km away (9.75 miles)
NZ Castlecliff18.58km away (11.55 miles)
NZ Westmere18.61km away (11.57 miles)
NZ Marton19.00km away (11.81 miles)

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