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Earthquakes MX El Pinal

Informations about El Pinal

RegionBaja California (02/001)
CoordinatesLatitude : 32.1995
Longitude : -116.28455
Time zoneAmerica/Tijuana (GMT -8h)

Alternative names for El Pinal

  • Rancho E. Pinal
  • Pino
  • Spanish : El Pinal

Last earthquakes near El Pinal


10 last earthquakes around El Pinal

1,74MX Earthquake El Pinal
(1.84km away [1.14 miles]) (9/3/2014 8:24:02 PM UTC -)
2,03MX Earthquake El Pinal
(4.97km away [3.09 miles]) (9/7/1992 12:20:28 AM UTC -)
1,8MX Earthquake El Pinal
(5.36km away [3.33 miles]) (7/11/1990 11:20:27 AM UTC -)
MX Earthquake El Pinal
(4.03km away [2.50 miles]) (3/6/1986 12:04:27 AM UTC -)
2,78MX Earthquake El Pinal
(3.05km away [1.89 miles]) (12/13/1984 7:55:06 AM UTC -)
2,64MX Earthquake El Pinal
(2.77km away [1.72 miles]) (8/27/1984 4:43:37 AM UTC -)
4,01MX Earthquake El Pinal
(2.56km away [1.59 miles]) (12/12/1979 9:37:41 PM UTC -)
4,75MX Earthquake El Pinal
(2.55km away [1.58 miles]) (6/15/1946 7:46:50 PM UTC -)
1,34US Earthquake Mt Laguna
(87.97km away [54.66 miles]) (1/24/2020 5:15:23 AM UTC -)
1,3US Earthquake Ocotillo Wells
(99.39km away [61.76 miles]) (1/23/2020 6:52:43 PM UTC -)

Cities near El Pinal

MX Víboras4.13km away (2.56 miles)
MX Sierrita5.62km away (3.49 miles)
MX Jamatay5.67km away (3.52 miles)
MX El Bajío Largo5.99km away (3.72 miles)2 inhabitants
MX Potrero de León7.01km away (4.36 miles)6 inhabitants
MX Palmitas de Borunda7.94km away (4.94 miles)
MX El Chapo8.15km away (5.07 miles)2 inhabitants
MX Huertita8.34km away (5.18 miles)
MX Warne de Arriba8.86km away (5.51 miles)
MX Burro9.78km away (6.08 miles)
MX El Piojo10.04km away (6.24 miles)1 inhabitants
MX Agua Hechicera10.85km away (6.74 miles)
MX San Faustino11.01km away (6.84 miles)
MX La Hiedra11.01km away (6.84 miles)
MX Rancho San Faustino11.27km away (7.00 miles)
MX Azufre11.51km away (7.15 miles)
MX Marconi11.99km away (7.45 miles)
MX San Antonio las Minas12.59km away (7.82 miles)
MX La Calabaza12.59km away (7.82 miles)
MX Los Alisos12.80km away (7.95 miles)

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