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Earthquakes CL El Bolsón

Informations about El Bolsón

RegionLos Ríos (17/141/14101)
CoordinatesLatitude : -39.71483
Longitude : -73.2331
Time zoneAmerica/Santiago (GMT -4h)

Alternative names for El Bolsón

  • Bolsón

Last earthquakes near El Bolsón


10 last earthquakes around El Bolsón

4,1CL Earthquake Pocuno
(99.66km away [61.93 miles]) (7/3/2020 11:35:47 PM UTC -)
4,2CL Earthquake Collico
(88.77km away [55.16 miles]) (1/29/2020 9:15:22 AM UTC -)
4,9CL Earthquake Huilio
(94.70km away [58.84 miles]) (10/21/2019 9:36:22 AM UTC -)
4,3CL Earthquake Vásquez
(106.23km away [66.01 miles]) (8/13/2019 7:46:15 AM UTC -)
4,7CL Earthquake Voipire
(87.29km away [54.24 miles]) (6/8/2019 1:44:07 PM UTC -)
4,6CL Earthquake San Pablo
(84.05km away [52.22 miles]) (5/22/2019 4:23:12 AM UTC -)
4,1CL Earthquake Malalhue
(67.61km away [42.01 miles]) (3/25/2019 4:32:56 PM UTC -)
4,3CL Earthquake Osorno
(98.29km away [61.08 miles]) (1/18/2019 12:34:08 PM UTC -)
4,1CL Earthquake Callecalle
(19.42km away [12.07 miles]) (9/19/2018 11:28:06 AM UTC -)
4,4CL Earthquake Puerto Saavedra
(92.46km away [57.45 miles]) (9/5/2018 5:00:04 AM UTC -)

Cities near El Bolsón

CL Punucapa5.38km away (3.35 miles)
CL Pichal Viejo5.95km away (3.70 miles)
CL Las Fanegas6.50km away (4.04 miles)12 inhabitants
CL El Arenal6.82km away (4.24 miles)350 inhabitants
CL El Molino8.22km away (5.11 miles)
CL Vista Alegre8.44km away (5.25 miles)
CL Caucau8.57km away (5.33 miles)
CL Collico9.28km away (5.77 miles)
CL Pilocura9.96km away (6.19 miles)
CL Las Animas10.52km away (6.54 miles)30 000 inhabitants
CL Valdivia11.12km away (6.91 miles)133 419 inhabitants
CL Playa Pilolcura11.27km away (7.00 miles)45 inhabitants
CL Teja Sur11.69km away (7.27 miles)
CL Cruces12.51km away (7.78 miles)
CL Los Notros12.76km away (7.93 miles)
CL Hueyelhue12.80km away (7.96 miles)
CL Miraflores13.22km away (8.22 miles)
CL Silos de Torobayo13.31km away (8.27 miles)
CL Curiñanco13.51km away (8.40 miles)
CL Villa Europa13.81km away (8.58 miles)950 inhabitants

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