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Earthquakes GT El Arenal

Informations about El Arenal

RegionEscuintla (06)
CoordinatesLatitude : 13.92778
Longitude : -90.8075
Time zoneAmerica/Guatemala (GMT -6h)

Last earthquakes near El Arenal


10 last earthquakes around El Arenal

4,2GT Earthquake Amaya
(84.14km away [52.28 miles]) (1/7/2021 10:02:21 AM UTC -)
4,7GT Earthquake El Maguey
(65.37km away [40.62 miles]) (1/3/2021 1:22:21 PM UTC -)
4,7GT Earthquake Chulamar
(71.84km away [44.64 miles]) (1/3/2021 11:52:58 AM UTC -)
4,2GT Earthquake El Naranjo
(89.64km away [55.70 miles]) (1/2/2021 11:15:04 PM UTC -)
4,3GT Earthquake Chulamar
(78.70km away [48.90 miles]) (1/2/2021 5:03:22 PM UTC -)
4,3GT Earthquake San José Rama Blanca
(53.91km away [33.50 miles]) (1/2/2021 12:42:18 AM UTC -)
4,4GT Earthquake El Laberinto
(51.99km away [32.31 miles]) (1/1/2021 10:49:00 PM UTC -)
4,8GT Earthquake El Dormido
(65.21km away [40.52 miles]) (1/1/2021 10:11:31 PM UTC -)
4,6GT Earthquake Miramar
(77.57km away [48.20 miles]) (12/29/2020 3:54:40 AM UTC -)
4,8GT Earthquake Nueva Candelaria
(107.35km away [66.70 miles]) (11/12/2020 3:21:45 AM UTC -)

Cities near El Arenal

GT Santa Rosa1.19km away (0.74 miles)
GT El Laberinto1.32km away (0.82 miles)
GT Peñate1.40km away (0.87 miles)
GT Puerto San José1.53km away (0.95 miles)18 655 inhabitants
GT El Progreso2.07km away (1.29 miles)
GT Miramar2.20km away (1.37 miles)
GT El Empalme2.98km away (1.85 miles)
GT Puerta de Hierro3.16km away (1.97 miles)
GT Arizona3.64km away (2.26 miles)
GT Buena Vista4.26km away (2.65 miles)
GT Montaña Larga5.32km away (3.31 miles)
GT Suquite5.64km away (3.50 miles)
GT Ceiba Mocha5.99km away (3.72 miles)
GT Tierra Mala6.38km away (3.96 miles)
GT Magueyes6.53km away (4.06 miles)
GT Buena Vista6.69km away (4.16 miles)
GT Los Pacheco6.70km away (4.16 miles)
GT El Carrizo6.80km away (4.23 miles)
GT Santa Isabel7.37km away (4.58 miles)
GT Linares7.37km away (4.58 miles)

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