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Earthquakes NZ Durie Hill

Informations about Durie Hill

CountryNew Zealand
RegionManawatu-Wanganui (F3/037)
CoordinatesLatitude : -39.93547
Longitude : 175.06529
Time zonePacific/Auckland (GMT +12h)

Last earthquakes near Durie Hill


10 last earthquakes around Durie Hill

1,99NZ Earthquake Durie Hill
(1.44km away [0.89 miles]) (12/11/2019 4:13:29 PM UTC -)
2,09NZ Earthquake Aotuhia
(85.09km away [52.87 miles]) (9/27/2020 2:23:21 PM UTC -)
1,95NZ Earthquake Aotuhia
(83.47km away [51.86 miles]) (9/27/2020 11:59:57 AM UTC -)
1,84NZ Earthquake Aotuhia
(82.79km away [51.44 miles]) (9/27/2020 11:41:25 AM UTC -)
0,77NZ Earthquake National Park
(91.20km away [56.67 miles]) (9/27/2020 10:05:39 AM UTC -)
1,44NZ Earthquake National Park
(90.33km away [56.13 miles]) (9/27/2020 10:01:33 AM UTC -)
2,72NZ Earthquake Aotuhia
(83.80km away [52.07 miles]) (9/27/2020 9:49:43 AM UTC -)
2,68NZ Earthquake Patuki
(91.13km away [56.63 miles]) (9/27/2020 9:18:51 AM UTC -)
2,15NZ Earthquake Aotuhia
(85.88km away [53.36 miles]) (9/27/2020 6:48:39 AM UTC -)
2,29NZ Earthquake Wiritoa
(10.32km away [6.41 miles]) (9/27/2020 5:57:00 AM UTC -)

Cities near Durie Hill

NZ Bastia Hill0.91km away (0.57 miles)
NZ Wanganui1.33km away (0.82 miles)40 268 inhabitants
NZ Gonville1.71km away (1.06 miles)
NZ Wanganui East2.06km away (1.28 miles)
NZ Saint Johns Hill3.19km away (1.98 miles)
NZ Springvale3.68km away (2.29 miles)
NZ Aramoho3.74km away (2.32 miles)
NZ Wiritoa4.56km away (2.84 miles)
NZ Okoia5.81km away (3.61 miles)
NZ Westmere6.83km away (4.24 miles)
NZ Castlecliff7.18km away (4.46 miles)
NZ Makirikiri8.83km away (5.48 miles)
NZ Upokongaro9.61km away (5.97 miles)
NZ Brunswick10.38km away (6.45 miles)
NZ Whangaehu11.92km away (7.41 miles)
NZ Fordell12.01km away (7.46 miles)
NZ Rapanui12.67km away (7.88 miles)
NZ Kai Iwi14.75km away (9.16 miles)
NZ Ratana15.14km away (9.41 miles)437 inhabitants
NZ Mowhanau16.06km away (9.98 miles)

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